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  1. There's one lad in the office that actually understands fire arms and the law the rest are just paper pushers that haven't really a clue. Sleek to your feo on the phone and explain the situation. Normally there fairly cool
  2. woz

    How Much Is It Worth

    £400 I'd say but ring round or have a look on gun trader
  3. woz

    Bull X Greyhound

    Look at every dog for sale post...everyone has negative comments .....if the mods got there shite together it would stem the bullshit....
  4. I bought my connect as a get me out the shite till I found something better ..3 years on its still hear and I like it....mine nearly done 200k n still going well
  5. woz

    Bull X Greyhound

    Bloody hell lads chill out. It's only a forum..lifes far to short.....
  6. woz

    What's Your

    I'm 6"3' and 16 stone.....
  7. woz

    Modified Cars

    A couple of years ago I built a BMW compact with 3.6 m3 running gear and a low ratio e30 m3 diff....it was going to be a tarmac rally car but kept it in road spec..340bhp gear limited to 137mph it was lethal really...great fun drifting it
  8. woz

    Ferreters Not The Most Chatty Folk

    If it was us ferreting I'd of wanted you on ya way as quickly as possible really...just for the fact you had a dog with ya.....the fact that you shouted over would demonstrate your weren't a ferreter so by that I'd assume your dog wouldn't be ferret friendly...just because the lads were stood some distance away wouldnt mean the ferret could pop out closer to you than us....reeducating a dog with a spade doesn't bode well for the start of a friendship lol
  9. woz

    Guard Dog

    All of my dogs are extremely obedient and socialiable..they are trained to bite not to be nasty if that makes sense...I have no interest in gaurd dogs...only family protection dogs.they are trained to be gentle and enjoy a fuss...on the flip side they will take as much pressure in defense as you can put on the dogs and switch out of drive on command....iv found no other breed of dog with such even drives.loyalty and tanasity...you don't need more than a small cz gsd hitting you at 30mph to realise what they are capable of..after the first 30/60 seconds of contact the human body Goes into shock and your just in for the ride lol..
  10. woz

    Guard Dog

    No mate..just trained them for a year or two lol.my cz bitch that's doin the bite work in the pics will be having her first litter of pups in the summer