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  1. peterbirdman1

    10Amp Tracer Lithium Battery

    Ok mate. Thanks for your reply
  2. peterbirdman1

    10Amp Tracer Lithium Battery

    Would you not post it at my expense mate
  3. peterbirdman1

    Gun Dog Advice Help

    The dog that suits the man and the land he intends to hunt
  4. peterbirdman1

    Knife Wanted

    very nice lads
  5. Very nice and strong looking dogs mate
  6. peterbirdman1

    Gwp X Greyhounds

    Very nice bitch mate. Cracking dogs to work with hawks. I do like the light eyes on her
  7. peterbirdman1

    Gwp X Greyhounds

    A few pic's of the pointers. The dog is 10 years old and the bitch is 6 years old. Took a few pic's on today's walk
  8. peterbirdman1

    Pups At 4 Months Old

    Very nice mate
  9. peterbirdman1

    Anyone Out Tonight

    Yes mate they have had it bad. Let's hope they recover
  10. peterbirdman1

    Anyone Out Tonight

    It is lamping season mate but a lot of these about around me
  11. peterbirdman1

    Another Minshaw

    Looks a nice strong dog with good length of back. Very good
  12. peterbirdman1

    Gwp X Greyhounds

    Yes mate impressive they are. Their ability work a verity of quarry and work it well. truly inspiring
  13. peterbirdman1

    Gwp X Greyhounds

    Know what you mean about ratting mate. They will go through anything to get to them. As for digging like you said they are like jcb's. Both mine will also break through tree roots regardless of the thickness. Using their teeth
  14. peterbirdman1

    Taken A While..

    Looks like the pups got plenty of engine room mate. Belter
  15. peterbirdman1

    Gwp X Greyhounds

    Very well put tiercel. One thing I have gained through breeding and using my own pointers was that I could bring them on as I wanted to. When on the beating line or out with the Hawks they will hold point for as long as needed. But when out with the lurchers they need to but will flush and chase when needed. If out with ferrets they will mark better then most they will hold rabbits in the net but they seem to know when one bolts and their is no net they will secure it. They seem to no the difference between rabbits and rats from must game and very rarely point they just go straight in. Joe should be the same with any Lurcher breeding. The big problem is people see pound notes mate