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  1. lukey


    Yeah got the wife the long one and the lad that one, here’s seems to be losing a lot feathers though, not sure I’m happy about it, yours the same?
  2. Socks knows him well by the sounds of it so just watch what your saying
  3. I think peter is a cracking guy.
  4. lukey


    Can get it for 800 here, kids and wife have them but hate spending moneys on me, plus can’t decide between moncler and CG cheers makem, looks like a smart jumper!
  5. lukey


    That dosnt surprise me at all! Save me a few £££ and send me back the Carson black label :):) https://www.canadagoose.com/uk/en/carson-parka-black-label-3805MB.html?cgid=shop-mens-parkas#start=1&cgid=shop-mens-parkas
  6. lukey


    Been looking at the carter parka lately have you tryed that? Brookevale is a good jacket for the price imo
  7. Try the dog again in an easy enough spot, one time moving before you broke through aint enough to know whats happened as there plenty of things that could have happened! Good luck with the dog
  8. There taking them down as quick as there going up . What you make of the stoppage? At first I though it was early then seeing the replay takam was done and was taking big shots. Added to the fact he had been down and hadn't won a round. Tough man sometimes people are too tough for their own good imo Im no a great boxing fan btw, and even though Takam never really seemed in too much trouble I think the ref stopped him from being put to sleep at some point. Some people just like to see guys knocked unconscious.
  9. lukey


    Thats if they are willing to back a manager with a decent enough budget that will allow them to compete, the pressure to compete will be there no matter what. The only difference between ranger and Celtic is rangers have lost twice, one of them being an OF
  10. lukey


    Another 2 points dropped! Thatll do,fuk your records lol
  11. lukey

    Fund Raising

    Couple a good ideas there lads cheers, going to try and set up a sparrathon for the kids that should raise a few quid and maybe a wee car boot sale. I was thinking about the just giving thing but dont it would be ok to just do that without asking him after him refusing money from me, wee mans got a lot of pride about him sounds daft but I think if I put that on FB he would fall out with me, thanks for the kind words n ideas lads
  12. lukey

    Fund Raising

    Alright lads, any ideas on any quick ways to raise funds quickly? My wee cousins new born son (6weeks) has just been diagnosed with a hole in his heart, a trapped wind pipe and problems with his lung that all require surgery! After taking them to the local hospital on glasgow they were emergency air lifted down to great ormond st hospital where the will be spending the next few months! Straight away I offered to send him down a few pound to help out with food ect but he refused saying that there was funds in place and they had money then I found out of his big sister that he was too embarrassed to accept anything from me and that they didnt have any money! Im trying to think of a way where I could raise some money to help them rather than take a hand out from me but cant think of anything! Any ideas would be cool to hear
  13. lukey


    Well thats Pedro finished. Fuk knows who will want the job
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