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  1. I've got one spitting image off this pal she turns 2 in october any pics bud
  2. no joy lads like 95% of them they just vanish
  3. them otters are hardy b*****ds thats what i heard !
  4. digger.

    Can't Wait

    nice litter mate
  5. he might of been spotted over your way dan a fair spin from were he was taken a fone call was made 2 say he was spotted near dunnes f****n gutted for the man some wankerss out there
  6. a friends dog has been lifted from his kennels in cork while out walking the lurchers Nearly 12 months old 2 red patches on ears broken coated
  7. not a great pic hes in molt atm
  8. talking to a chap up north with some decent stuff at 1 of the shows.i dont think boys will be getin there hands on any of the stuff handy and thats how it should be you dont hear about them much and thats how it should be
  9. i havnt read all the posts here no point realy but undershot v perfect there is not 1 diffrence ok sorry yes there is,, 1 is an ugly cnut the other is pretty and will get u rosettes who gives a toss what they look like ok its good to have a good looker that works well but breeding to make them look ok is a joke who gives a monkeys what they look like
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