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  1. when i cant do anything because its pissing down with rain got no work on mrs gone out shopping kids are at the grandmothers just sat in trailer bored out me mind i like to start MOSSING WITH ME CORY
  2. all depends on the breed of dog and what you are using them for but if i was going to run my dogs in the night i would still give them a light walk in the day just to loosen them up
  3. i think after all the rain we had they owe a few weeks free water
  4. the rspca is known for putting healthy dogs down they are the ones who should be put down!!
  5. i would just throw it on top of a muck heap somewhere or burn it
  6. there a good arm place up on the worcestor road from hereford really cheap you should look there
  7. if i was a rabbit i would rather die quick than be suffering from mixy i think its a rotton disease
  8. i would say that what you are giving her is enough young dogs can run and play most of the day like children
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