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  1. whats morals got to do with it ! he comes from a guy that uses his dogs for working ,I bought him as pup to race him but whats been happening over the last 7mts I aint had chance to race him, I dont want to get into a pissing contest I just asked a honest question so if you don't know the answer to the question scroll on by !
  2. I aint got no bitches ,only this black dog ,if any body knows any let me know !
  3. how old does a dog need to be to use as a stud ? iv'e a pedigree working whippet that showing signs of sexual activity (humping lol ) .
  4. iv'e two antler frames and i like em ,if you getting better with them bands stick with em it takes time to get it right , good luck and enjoy !
  5. Ditchy has it got one of those things for getting horses hoves out of boy scouts ?
  6. these are only photos iv'e got ,sold the the antlers and the house ,also ate the doe !
  7. I got some from a place that used to make trophy shields for darts & dominoes !
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