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  1. Thanks for replying peeps puts my mind at rest
  2. Not really, its more any slight noise or just the postie she goes mad
  3. Hi all just a quick question, i have a 9 month old collie whippet grey, cracking little dog apart from barking, shes not bored or anything, she stays with her mum who never barks and ive never had a lurcher that has barked so just worried its something she may do when i start her on the lamp this winter, what do you think?
  4. Has anyone got 2 lurcher dogs sharing same kennel just wondering if possible
  5. Thanks for the replies I have a radiator next to whelping box will I still need a heat lamp?
  6. What's the best food to help produce milk Cheers
  7. Cheaper dog kibble is vegetable protein and more expensive is proper meat protein I think my mate feeds his wagg and they look good on it which is a tenner a bag
  8. Hes a collie grey saluki grey x saluki bull grey, 8 hour round trip to Durham yesterday, cracking little pup
  9. A lot of show rubbish about good luck mate I love borders but as said good ones are rare
  10. Sorry to hijack thread but anyone know of any litters or planned litters of grew pups
  11. Looking into making my own, what's the motor I need? Anybody make them Cheers
  12. Hi bud no I haven't got a chrony yet but I will be getting one
  13. Thanks for all replies peeps lots of info thanks It's a 1988 model not sure what's been replaced if anything Breech seal is new there was a fibre one in which was worn, I replaced it with a genuine hw but just one query.. under the old breech seal was a copper washer, I left that in was that right? Triggers really nice record very crisp, I have been using JSB exact in 4.52 and rws Superdome same patterns with both I've got a Hawke airmax on it but have another I'm going out again for a practice I'll report back
  14. Thanks for reply Mark it might well be me, I started on air rifles then went over to a rimmy point and shoot etc I'm getting back into air rifles after a spate of depression and not getting out the house but I'm not sure I'm that bad a shot it was all over the place, I'll be changing the scope later I'll let you know how I get on mate
  15. Hi all I recently acquired a hw85 177 the groups are ok at 15 yards at 30 two or three in the bull then scattered then back to bull any ideas?
  16. Ok Greyman thanks for the input look forward to seeing it
  17. Just about to order a catty from gamekeeper John but saw a few bad reviews like waiting 3 months Anybody on here sell hand made cattys Thanks
  18. I'll have the semi auto please I'll donate to a chosen charity of yours
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