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  1. That GWP lurcher is a cracker Wales1234.
  2. Are they beddy whippets or beddy whippet grey type Nothernlite?
  3. Hopefully can get out shortly if Wales ever relaxes lock down. Monmouth last year.
  4. Hi all, Any bushing pups planned around South Wales? May consider a young dog but pup preferred. Something for small Woodlands and hedgerows. I don't want one that ranges off too far so ideally spaniel terrier Cross or similar. Thanks
  5. What's the breeding? Looks like mine with the pointy ears!
  6. Amazing Micky much appreciated. thanks for posting that terryd.
  7. Yeah they aren't holding their shape and don't return to their original position if missed like my unused ones.
  8. Hi all, I have some rabbit snares but I need to reset the tension on them but can't find anything online how to do it. Any guidance or tips? Cheers
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