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  1. Looks mint Adam.... double of his sire! wouldn’t think he was off a pure..... enjoy him pal
  2. All good Tomo Hope you’re well pal and still at em
  3. Remember the day we went to pick them up like yesterday, we certainly did have some belting days out for sure!!! Got some video here of him here - RIP Razor
  4. With his litter sisters at 6months old.
  5. Saw. Mia have her first runs and watched her run all her career, top notch Bred a few out of Romeo as well, some of em turned out above average, so should be plenty to look forward to saluki Fugi
  6. Looking well DHLM hie is Dancer both sides via Kim ( Smokey x Dancer)
  7. Very nice and very well bred indeed. Wilkie was Ace x Bruce Woodcocks black and tan bitch" Zara " though.
  8. I nominate Trenchfoot as the ugliest dogs with the uglies owner. Cheif looking spot on as always Jim. His mother
  9. She was lined twice to Bert (Cruiser x pip) Dave Smiths Miles was in the first litter, best dog I personally ever saw.
  10. Stars sisiter Nelly. Put to Vance P's "Ash" produced Khan. Seen here in the arms of his breeder. Saw them have there first ever slip on March Fen at 11 months.
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