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  1. Anyone on here still do the dvds use to be a fella that had a missive list of them , got all the modern ones an a lot of the older ones just wanted to see if theres any I havnt got
  2. PC green on the right he took mine 2 seasons back but I got him back after a week came back full to the brim of fleas an blew loads of weight it was disgusting the condition I got him back in, there a pack of wankers
  3. Was wondering if anyone was selling or ones anyone selling any feild trial training DVDs
  4. No it's dead Dan is Casper x susie
  5. If you don't know what they do and the reason for am An when to giv an not to give an don't use an ?
  6. My old saluki x grey was a dab hand on foxs show a lot of bull xs up
  7. Gets that daft pen out tells you dogs trapped up rubs it with a massager and says few weeks off lol , honest mate he's awful he just happy to take your money I know he's only cheap but he knows f**k all , your first person I know that's had a good word to say about him , my dog got ran over had 100 odd stiches when they all Got took out and he was healed I got him to look over him rubed it with his massager told me to run it after a week lol , the dog was a right off, only one bone man in the north east and he is the best won't put his name up because he doesn't like lads pestering him but ma
  8. He's the worst bone man I've ever seen would t let him near a hamster let alone a dog
  9. They be 5 and Sonia is susie x cofeilds joe
  10. Anyone on here know or use to know a fella called bill Willet he had an old matcha bitch called daisy
  11. Who bred it pal ? Thibk Jordan has lined one or 2 bitches with the brother to mine
  12. How is he bred mate. Nutalls buddy ( Charlie x foxy ) X lilly ( benji x Daisy)
  13. How is he bred mate. Nutalls buddy ( Charlie x foxy ) X lilly ( benji x Daisy)
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