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  1. patterdalejoel

    Wheat Or Oats ?

    crushed oats is shit they dont eat it properly its too dusty
  2. patterdalejoel

    Isuzu Rodeo 2.5

    My old boss had a rodeo for 5 years.. Spent more time off road than on it, pulling cattle trailer etc, going picking up in it, lamping, f**k me he gave it some stick, abused it like you wouldn't believe, and it never missed a beat.... And gaz if your worried about it not being nippy your wrong it went like a missile...
  3. patterdalejoel

    Bedlington Whippets?

    I have a bitch 4 years old now in her prime, she caught 11 out of 15 rabbits on the lamp the other day and also is a very good dog to have when ferreting we never take nets anymore.
  4. patterdalejoel

    Red Agate Canary Cock Wanted

    hello, when the moult is over and everyone has sorted their birds out i would like to buy the above bird for a spare hen i have, cheers.
  5. patterdalejoel

    Methods Of Breaking To Stock?

    i took mine in a field of sheep when it had its jabs and pinned it to the floor and screamed at it whenever it looked at a sheep or pricked its ears up. never looked at a sheep 4 years later
  6. patterdalejoel

    New Cages All Posh

    I know it's a bit nosey and sorry but how much can you expect to pay for cages like that?
  7. patterdalejoel

    Few Pics

    3 foot wide 2 foot deep. That stag in pic is 3 and a half pounds
  8. patterdalejoel


    Is he from bullx100% on here?
  9. patterdalejoel

    Few Pics

    3 x 2 Claude, perfect for single birds or a pair of those asil they are only small birds. Yes the asil are nice perfect type to grade with an American like you read about people doing
  10. patterdalejoel

    Few Pics

    the little birds originated from a pair a mate bought from a traveller lad, but they are genuine asils, rampuri, reza whatever you want to call them. aye nowt better as a brody, but cant get many eggs under them being bantys.
  11. patterdalejoel

    Few Pics

    10 lbs Navek, he wont be far off now at 12 months old. here is his dad cant seem to upload pictures of his sister
  12. patterdalejoel

    Few Pics

    a pen me and a mate finished modifying, splitting it into 2 flypens and inside, my pair of asil gifted to me as growers i have got about 15 chicks out of them which is more than enough for me with limited space and a cyprus stag that is 3 generations my breeding, but i am thinking of getting rid of the lot of them due to no time and focusing on the little birds
  13. patterdalejoel

    This Years Youngsters

    I agree and wish I had the space to do the same!
  14. patterdalejoel

    This Years Youngsters

    good stuff, i like your pens nice and big with plenty of grass. atb
  15. patterdalejoel

    This Years Youngsters

    Is that mature weight for cocks? How many chicks you managed to get out?