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  1. FTCH sired ess pups. Repeat mating of Gamekeeper bred, KC reg, legally docked, declawed, microchipped and wormed. Sire is FTCH Cowarnecourt gaffer of edgegrove http://www.edgegrovegundogs.co.uk/stud_dogs.html Dam is Rose of Arden I have 4 dogs remaining for sale, ready to leave end of July. I've bred this litter to carry on the line of my best working springer Rose. I have photos of pups from previous mating, parents, grandparents, great grandparents and uncles of this line. Please Pm me for more info.
  2. Usually white or normal coloured. Rare to get pied or anything more interesting than that. A
  3. Mossberg 500 pump .410 moderated Surprising what you can kill with it!
  4. Morning Anyone use rabbit water bottles to give water to their magpies/crows? Seen it done a few times but want to be 100% sure it works before buying a load of them. Currently use old drink bottles with lid cut off but is prone to pick up alot of mess. Cheers
  5. Just a couple with my new bitch, she's 7 months and is a saluki x whippet x grey, very small bitch though. She caught 3 out of 4 rabbits. She still was abit nervous of me to start with but she's changed in a few weeks. Cheers
  6. Hello all, I've got a new whippetxsalukixgrey who is currently 7 months old. I took her ferreting the other week and she caught 3 out of 4 rabbits. The only trouble is she didn't bring them back to hand. Now this is the first lurcher I've had and am abit unsure on how to teach her to retrieve to hand. I've got spaniels who retrieve, is training roughly the same as it is in gundogs? Any info would be good. Cheers
  7. Gamekeeper bred KC Reg 4 ESS pups, 3 liver and white and 1 Tri colour. Father FTCH Cowarnecourt gaffer of edgegrove Mother- Rose of Arden. Ready April 1st, they are just starting to open their eyes. All legally docked, declawed, wormed and soon to be microchipped. Pm for more information. Gloucestershire/Warwickshire border. Thanks
  8. Corky John- photos on here need to be reduced in file size and due to not having wifi for my laptop I've only put them of preloved through 3G on my phone. They are bayers- I'm a full time gamekeeper I'm not going to keep a terrier that's no good and I'm pleased the bitch is a bayer! B-end...- I've advertised all to save messing about. I am keeping one but won't choose untill they are older so I can see temperament. My under keeper is having one also so have 2 left. I can think of easier ways to make a few hundred quid just getting the adds out now so I've more chance of selling them! R
  9. Yes guys the attached preloved advert is the pictures. The parents have both worked fox- good terriers never should look like they have seen much-! Lol 4 pups- Cheers A
  10. 4 black and tan Lakeland pups, 3 bitches, 1 dog. Gamekeeper bred. Mother working Lakeland black and tan, father working Lakeland black and tan. All legally docked and dewclawed with vet certificate. £300 photos of father, mother and pups can be sent. Ready in 8 weeks time. Cheers A
  11. It's Bettws hall and yeah I used them for 3 years. No problems with health, chicks all really good but if you ask for a specific strain- forgot it as you will get a mix of anything. Hexi will more than likely be down to over crowding your release pens! Cheers
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