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  1. 450fps in 22 or 650fps in 177 so depending on weight of pellet well enough power for most small game. I mistakenly thought the one I got was 177 however it's 22 and if the 450fps is correct that 10.9ftlbs. I'll be taking it to dealer to check however
  2. Been reading all I can about it. Reviews from Chinese crap to study and reliable. I'm getting it either way to find out for myself
  3. I'm about to buy a QB57 air rifle in 177. It's a take down rifle for those who don't know, be good for carrying about. Does anybody else have one? Anyone used on small game?
  4. https://www.gunmart.net/gun-reviews/airguns/air-rifles/viper-skeet-air-rifle here it is
  5. Spoke to my mate and he said they are rare. They didn't make a lot, guessing there's good reason for that. Whether or not this is due to them not being good guns or how easily you can get shotgun certificate I don't know but I'd like to try one out regardless.
  6. Was talking to my mate earlier and he said a relative of his has an air shotgun in sub 12ftlbs. This caught my interest as I've never heard of one. Did some googling and could find reviews of the Viper by Gamo but there's nothing for sale or much info. Does anyone know why they aren't for sale? Got a feeling it's either a legal thing or just because they were no good.
  7. Anyone any experience of using them lamping, they got enough speed for rabbit?
  8. Great to hear, tempted by the litter I've seen. Working parents and 350 quid
  9. Looks a good shape for a first cross that's what I'd like
  10. Seen a litter of these come up. Anyone any experience of a first x? Any pics to see what they end up like. Cheers.
  11. Tried to pm you but didn't work. Has he got a couple of hobs?
  12. Just bought one of these, very impressed with the power and being a tight bugger I like the fact that I can pump it myself without having to buy the pump/tank and divers tank. Anyone hunt with these? How did it go?
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