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  1. Love hearing stories of staffys from back in the day when good ones were more common. Anyone got any from what they owned and bred or good dogs they saw.
  2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy wanted View Advert After a puppy, bitch or dog, Manchester area Advertiser Cooke123 Date 06/09/19 Price Category Working Terriers  
  3. I'm not new to the site but if anyone from the Wigan area is willing to take me out for the day hunting then I'd bite your hand off. Been trying to get into it for a while just need someone to show me what it's about. Cheers
  4. Any one in the Wigan area willing to give me a day out with some terriers. Completely new to it but have been interested for a while and would like to get into it.
  5. Any litters coming up? After smallish terrier bitch bout a foot tall and approx 14 inch chest. Not after a hard dog, need a bayer from working parents. Thanks.
  6. What rig did you use? Always been interested in trout fishing with float
  7. Anyone had anything as rare as a blue that was half decent?
  8. Read this the other week and can highly recommend it. Takes a while to get going but if you persevere you are rewarded. Includes hunting with gun and lurcher amongst some more farfetched methods. Anyone else read it?? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Urban-Fox-Memoirs-Edinburgh-Poacher/dp/1847970877
  9. you get good ones and bad ones a fit athletic ebt is a hell of a dog game a f**k and have a great noseAye it can't be ignored that when crossed with a staff and even over in Eire with the wheatens it adds a lot I can't see how it would add anything to a serious working dog tbh. Agreed but I'm not after a serious working dog so I can be more picky than someone who is
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