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  1. Theres definitely been authorized releases in the borders but wouldn't surprise me if there dropping them out all over, just like the beavers that miraculously appear around Perthshire and am not on about the ones on the tay.
  2. cammy12


    Awa wi yer bacca yer smack and yer weed there things that will mak ya deed
  3. Columbo you have too many deer need thining out, a young buck will wander for miles and appear in tbe strangest of places
  4. Just zoomed in on pic am going with a roe deer cleaning there antlers
  5. Possibly roe buck cleaning velvet they tend to pick one tree out and hammer it try getting a close up of the hair.
  6. according to McGregor he is re matching Diaz in June then Edgar in September and I think dos anjos in December time will tell that came off his fb page
  7. Did your landrover break down and you bought a Japanese replacement?
  8. http://www.dunblaneexposed.info/feed/ This link opens a few eyes taking moral high ground over Muslims is fantasy take a long hard look at are own establishment
  9. you got dogs ? Running free or in the garden at the time not much the courier may dispute it what did he select when you got an email saying it was deliverd you get diffrent options if he put something like letterbox and the box is far too big too fit then claim against depends are you in a built up area or a cottage in the middle of nowhere there is not much they can do if it was pod or hsig and he sighned it him self just dispute it you may get the lad in a little trouble but not enuf too get fired shit goes missing all the time I had 1 woman try and say I never deliverd a dress once I hande
  10. I'm not 100% but I think smart phones can be traced? But not sure if they can once unlocked ect... Say it hasn't come and hang on to it for a while if it gets sticky just tell them you only just found the parcel. that was my concern smart phone having tracking, ill play it by ear and see what comes of it maybe get a freebie. Still getting f****d about for my original order
  11. so how does leaving a parcel on a car roof on your drive work out? I was deffo in when the guy came so to me he didny fancy coming in the gate? if I claim I have not received this what do you think will happen?
  12. Had something similar this Christmas changed ma phone contract to be told the handset i wanted was out of stock so they would send me a temporary handset well it didnt come when it was suppose to, it was over a week later i walked out my house to find a parcel dumped on the roof of the car not signed for so do i deny all knowledge and try and get a wee freebie? i have been fuvked about over the whole process
  13. I once seen 2 crazy badgers sniffing glue and thought am gonna become un stuck and got the f**k outta there
  14. Get up on here too, so we can keep a eye out? She ain't gonna walk her dog near you for while.
  15. If i could afford a hunt in Africa i would be more than happy to have go at the big 5 the thought of hunting something that could kill you would certainly get the senses going its the ultimate test of skill as a hunter
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