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  1. i agree mate...how many times have we seen it here....hard dry ground....dogs getting injured
  2. i think you might win a run in the uk.... but i recon you come unstuck on the Iberian peninsula ....on the dry im obviously having the crack....but it would be nice to see both types on each others ground...see whats what
  3. remember Nadia comench...(spelling) 14 years old....first gymnast ever to get a perfect 10 score....and a few gold medals
  4. bet you were gold medal standard at that mate...lol
  5. TOMO

    Car Wow!

    must say i like that hummer one greyman
  6. TOMO

    Car Wow!

    i know nothing about these elecy cars.....so forgive my question... lets say you have two different elecy cars....and lets say they both take 1 hour to charge.....would the cost of that 1 hour charge be different ..?
  7. TOMO

    Quick set nets

    the distance you set your pegs/poles.....is entirely up to you.....when i first sore preset long nets 20 years ago i was surprised to see chaps setting the pegs every 5 yards....when i was taught to long net the trad way they were set at 7-9 yards ...so when i set my first preset net up i set it around the 8 yard mark.....it just means you use less poles ....but it is handy to have a few spare poles to set around akward corners etc... also your net sounds to deep ...unless your counting the depth at every not.... count every other not ...in other words asuming its a dimond mesh ...co
  8. it is a joke mate.....i did a few posts on this subject a few weeks back.....and the amount of test these trans are aloud to have in there blood is shocking ....but i went in depth to it a few week back so i wont bore you... just shows how useless that nz bird was no where near international level as a bloke.....and still couldnt beat the real females .....
  9. least you got him back mate thats the main thing ....
  10. without going down the hole religion thing on this thread.... i have never understood why both views cant exists ....i mean if there is a god ...whos to say he didnt put evolution in place... ok i know you believe the bible francie...but who ever wrote that book could have got a few things wrong...or we interpret it wrong.... maybe god made the hole universe....and then thought right crack on ..lets see what happens...like some giant lab experiment...
  11. yes mate Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer...within the white comunity of course it dont afect the abbos african countries ....well africans have a shit ton of melanin in the skin to prevent skin cancer ....which also keeps out vit d... all im saying mate is be carful
  12. must admit everyday on my dog walks my shirt is off....but usualy first thing or later in the day....dont want skin cancer
  13. bloody hell....i dont know mate....if im honest i never gave that a thought.... your going to tell me soething bad about synthetic vits arnt you....lol
  14. do you mean ...can you get enough vit d in food??... i dont think you can.... however from what ive read ...you can get enough from sunlight in summer if your out in the sun with your shirt off for half hour or more if your a white person....
  15. by the way take it with food in the morning ....cos it does something to the sleep hormone...melatonin which can affect your sleep if you take it at night.... also vit d3 is now concidered a hormone in its own right ...its that important to human health
  16. are you asking what dose? if you are 4000 iu of vit d3....and 100 iu of vit k...i bought one with both included
  17. agreed mate....she was great wasnt she.....i recon she beat the lass from the usa ....as soon as she nailed that trick in the second round ....the yank birds head went down after she saw that run
  18. by the way ..i told you lot about my work college who had both jabs...then got covid two week ago..... now theres another ....a chap whos only 30....what a waste of time that jab is
  19. never mind ivermectin....just get your vit d vit c on point fellas....both of which are administered to folk in large doses ...when there admitted to hospital suffering with bad covid
  20. well thankfully ...the one the fuss was mainly about laural hubbard from nz in the weightlifting bombed out in the first round in the snatch ironically ...lol.... and nice to see in that class a british lass from bulwell here in nottingham got the silver medal after only 5 years of weightlifting
  21. really.... perhaps you should mention that to all the record holders that have broken records at this years olympics... i love weightlifting....and despite a few big names being missing there have been quite a few records broken
  22. must just be me then...i thought that was nice .... over the years there have been other sports where gold silver and bronze have been shared....usually in events that have tied on time.....i see no difference with this...
  23. must say i enjoyed watching the bmx tricks event ....great that our girl got the gold...and the fella got the bronze... and fiar play to the lass she fell in the first round...but second round did the same trick...and nailed it...aparantly that trick is one of the hardest to do... also watching the athletics Saturday... the woman that won the tripple jump was some performance and got the world record by some margin with her last jump... then the high jump was good to watch as well....with the two chaps sharing gold was a nice touch
  24. TOMO


    its a great story as you say....i read about it many years ago....and it really changed my opinion of him ...
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