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    Una Stubbs

    aunt sally passed away yesterday....
  2. your right mate ...it doesnt mean much..... my daughter has the kung flu....just a few weeks off 19 ...done two tests both positive ....shes at her boyfriends house and he hasnt got it nor his grand parents who have had the jab....but niether her or her boyfriend have had the jab.... she says its only afecting her like a cold northing more....of course she is young....and ive had her on the vitd vitc thing i keep banging on about...
  3. never realised they had baths there.....its nearly all gone now they have built a new housing estate where the entrance was and nearly all the hangers have gone.....the control tower thing was bought privately and is now a house....its kept its features ..i think it might have had preservation order thing on it....cos its art deco type thing.... take the kids up there regular its only a few fields away from me...kids love to look in the old pill boxes....but sadly most of them are falling down now
  4. agreed .... my first mk3 the depth was always short....or long depending on your view....if it said 3 foot....the depth was 2 foot....but it was deadly acurate as to the exact spot above the collar/ferret... the new mk3 i have is deadly acurate both with depth and being right above.... as much as i like the old grey knocker box....the new m3 is better
  5. about the same as that b*****d volvo xc90 the wife drives ....b*****d thing costs a fortune to run
  6. i loved my old grey boxes....still got two of them.... then i got the carrot ....the first one i had i got second hand and it was never right.....i bought a brand new one about 18 month ago ...and im glad i did ..its bang on deadly acurate ..i would have thought this new box would be something like the mrk3....not like the old box thats nearly 50 year old
  7. i know the only thing that really maters is how they work..... but they do look a bit shit....you would think with new kit they would look the part a bit ...
  8. looks beautiful mate....loving that open plan and view through those doors...real nice mate
  9. no mate back when we went on holiday up there when i was kid between the age of 10... 15-16 i never did any hiking ...i was fishing mad back then ....so i fished at firmoore of the rocks....fished at poolewe ....back then below the bridge in the village you could fish without issue ..but not above the bridge ....we spun for sea trout and salmon below the bridge ... also fished at gairloch under the pier ...and we often went out on day fishing trips on the boats....funily enough i can still remember how much they cost £5.50 for the day....where we caught a few good species ...cod haddock
  10. thats socks ....hes just insecure about his looks so he likes to try and poke fun at me....but deep down he knows i have aged gracefully ...whereas he's just got more dumpy looking with disabled looking hands and fingers....he cant help looking like a welsh troll...lol
  11. dont look like it has much bull in it......mind thats proberbly a good thing...lol
  12. the governments next incentive to jab the under twelves ....... a bag of haribo's...and see some puppys .....
  13. its not the same and you know it...
  14. whilst i agree that government have been giving it up our arses for ever.... i dont ever remember anything exactly like this mate...
  15. even you lot that have had the jab or are about to get it ......must see thats its fundamentally wrong to go down this route of incentive or discrimination... and are you not asking yourselfs why.....most of you chaps on here are reasonably intelligent chaps....surly alarm bells are ringing ....and you can see this is so wrong.... 18 year olds are about to get discriminated from nightclubs.....and 16-17 year olds are about to get cash...... i bet 99% of kids this age will get it because of these reasons....thats just not right and you know it....
  16. of course theres lots of stuff you can do at that age without your parent's consent i get that....but the use of incentives or discrimination which is about to start is criminal
  17. they said on our local news ....that they would vaccinate 16-17 year olds WITHOUT parental permission.... there is also talk of a cash being payed to that age group as an incentive.... it absolutely stinks...
  18. nice that mate...you deffo kept the nicest one.... got rid of the horrible one one to sheep chaser ...lol
  19. beautiful aint it.....had our summer holidays there for about 5 years when i was a kid in the late 70;s and early 80's ....there was a few static caravans back then only 5 or6 owned by the farm to the right of the beach.... back then it was single track road from inverness over .....and the a9 up through perth wasnt much better....took for ever to get there..lol and i took the mrs and kids there about 4 year back ...wild camped on the dunes for a few days
  20. it was you two that was going to have a straight go a few years ago wasn't it...?? but you both turned up at different times at different racecourses
  21. i agree mate...how many times have we seen it here....hard dry ground....dogs getting injured
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