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  1. Never took her out mate. I have a smallhold where I breed / farm rabbits and she goes nuts for them. I also feed her whole rabbits. She's very firey and I have had to move my ferret court onto my drive as she desperately wants to get a hold of them. But like I say she's not been out yet so I really can't say.
  2. I've got a kit that colour. I believe its a silver. The coat has evened out as she's got older as you can see in the pics
  3. Cheers mate. She's a mad digger and has managed to escape that way, also can jump stair gates and can't have her out the front of the house anymore because she can get over the wall. She's a young one only 16 months old. My terrier is rough so not sure what condition he is in, but possibly the same
  4. Just wanted to know anybody's thoughts on my Dachshundand anybody's opinions on using them in place of, or alongside terriers.
  5. Another shot at my boy. Over 11 years old and still going strong. He's getting on and started doing my head in peeing in the house and can't hear too well, but he's still got more athleticism than many dogs half his age.
  6. Yes plus a lot of these guys can't even look after themselves, let alone a dog
  7. That's crazy money. And I bet they didn't really think about anything apart from the money when breeding them.
  8. Skin problems it seems are quite common in blue dogs, I personally wouldn't go out of my way to get a blue dog, but I took him on from someone who couldn't keep him anymore, and he'd had several owners before that, he's got a great temperament and I believe the constant rehoming was like you pretty much are pointing out, too many people wanting a blue staffy, then not wanting them when the trend dies out, and over breeding.
  9. Yeah its baldness, doesn't have any sort of rash or itching. Vets say it could be alopecia but hes almost 10 now and it never grows back. I have had EBT's go bald around the tail and head, but he's the only dog I have seen like this.
  10. Thanks for everyone's advise. For some reason I have had problems logging in and have dual accounts. I have had some pretty good results with the Jills, even with my older dog. He just can't handle the scent of the hob and wants to eat him, and the hob still hangs off my chin if I get my face too close
  11. Thanks everyone. I think my hob may well be trying to play but he's young and will bite faces, including mine, but he's getting better. To him when my dog says hello he's just one big face. I have put a net stair gate across the doorway so both can see each other without getting bitten and my terrier has had a go back but they should get accustomed to each other. Then I think the milk and eggs or treats can start being used. Up until this week [BANNED TEXT] I got a bag of ferret food all my ferrets had eaten was whole rabbits and pigeons, duck eggs a few mice from my shed I cleared and minced beef. So is it ok for ferrets? Haven't tried milk so if its good yes both will probably just tuck in. Thanks for the replies and nice pictures
  12. Hi all, I can find info on braking a terrier to a ferret but what about the other way around? My terrier seems very happy to get on with my ferrets, or at least respects that I don't want him to snap them up, but the ferrets are less willing to be friendly. The Jills just try to stay out of his way but the hob will actually chase both my dogs (one I know wont get on with the ferrets anyway and is 9 years old) and constantly trys to bite their faces. Anybody have experiences with getting them used to dogs?
  13. Hello all. I'm not new to the site, joined in 2015 when I got my terrier, just never really posted. Now I am back to learn more about ferreting. I have a Hob and two Jills, 6 months and 7 months old, got my ferret box today and looking for ferret finder collars at the moment, not rushing to get a ferret finder as I can borrow somebody else's for now. Hoping to be going out as soon as the temperature drops.
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