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  1. Bellman and flint box collar charger and magnet. All works 100 percent but the on button is stiff on the box 200 no offers erst Yorkshire
  2. I havnt measure them for a while but they will be about 23/24
  3. I have 2 pups for sale they are 9 month bred buddy roxy to Pepsi ddicksonsons socks Totally unspoilt had a handful of runs each the cream bitch has killed 3 whites and the red bitch has killed 2 whites. 100% not jacked or no injuries. 400 each. for more details message me on her for my number
  4. Should shoot there dogs or give them abit of a slap around.... The cheek of them
  5. Lurcher men should boycott any support of the amends, untill they offer back a full repeal why should we waste are time and money into amending something that would have abosaloutley 0 impact us what so ever and if the amendments had of gone through tommorow we would of never of heard of a repeal again the huntsmen would of been keeping there heads down! If they want us to fight for them they need to give us something to fight for
  6. The brother to yours Optimus here is deer mad! Carnt go for a good walk without him knocking one over he's had me in trouble on a couple of occasions already! He seen 2 crossing the road one day in back of the car he nearly but the windscreen through trying to get out!
  7. Send them on ill put them up mate
  8. I have 2 out Pepsi both been retrieving regular 2s on all land odd 3 only first season dogs. Both mine are fast up and at them trying to take them out at every opertunity no plodding waiting for the perfect moment, don't think you go wrong using him if the bitch suits Hares shot and retrived
  9. Winchester super x2 carnt remember if its 30 or 32 inch barrel I will find out soon as I can very good gun never had any problems. West Yorkshire must have certificate collection only £350
  10. Fair play to you boys coming over and getting the job done, dogs where in fine fettel had a good day atb Danny
  11. Wouldn't recommend Meeks to anyone, on 3 seperate occasions I've phoned Him up needing dogs looking at all 3 times he couldnt meet me as he was busy so we made dates which suited him, phoned him up on the day where supposed to be meeting and all times he forgot all about it and was unable to make it! Now I just go straight to a proper running dog vets
  12. All look well mate, like the new bitch you got its a belter
  13. Reason dogs get more famous is that most there owners make them "famous" in order to bring in as much as Possible from stud fees
  14. All studs bring different qualities to a mating, Not all bitches suit the same stud. too many people just go with the latest fashion instead of doing there homework and trying to add bits that may need to be touched up on, then when It doesn't work for them they blame the stud
  15. My big lad 27 inch September will be his first season so see how he goes, showed all the right signs upto now
  16. Suppose of your just after abit of a mooching dog you wouldn't go wrong but if your a die hard dog man Id get something out of proven workers
  17. Mine does it when she comes in season, I've searched before and there's no real explanation to why it happens or how to treat it
  18. He may be like you though...... A loner with no mates
  19. IF dogs do what they say they do then there worth there weight in gold to the right person.
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