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  1. is that old joes grandson? I heard he's dog a tidy yeh amus son . mans a gentleman lives and breathes dogs
  2. swaley wilsher dog gypsy won it killing 12 of the 13 hares he run in the comp . a worthy winner he beat john rileys bitch int the final she was bred scouser x minshaws bitch. there was couple of very good young animals out of romeo that made the quater and semi finals.
  3. I usually just sit back on thing like this I've never voted for anything in my life . But lads we really really need to get behind this. This are big chance we need to spread the word. It takes 2 mins to do and get as many friends and family to do the same come on we can really do this lets not sit back and leave it to others
  4. Seen both run bully run 8 hares killing 8 gyp run 6 killing 6 all dead of winter no duffers and both 2 out and killers. A lot of dogs are bred because of there breeding but these 2 are very well bred and have done there job for the last 4 seasons . 2 top class animals best of luck with the pups
  5. theres a man i totally respect in the coursing game . Said your bitch in his opinion . The best bitch out there . This man knows his onions . thank you I find it embarrassing talking about my own dog. I just let men watch her run and they judge for them selfs
  6. I don't mind off of proper men. Be a pleasure to meet some of the men and there dogs
  7. Give him time to google it and read through it and I'm sure he will be a expert lol
  8. yes do accour . Desert bred called me out 2 seasons ago so I agreed . His bitch ran 5 and if I remember right she didn't bend 1. He doesn't know this but my bitch ran 5 killed 4 but I didn't tell him about the last hare because I felt sorry for him. I was gracious in victory but he wasn't in defeat . I wouldn't waste my time matching that very bitter man again. This fella is a joker he doesn't know any land or even get out of the car to watch his dog run he got articgun to slip his dog. He makes on he knows this and that about dogs and breeding but I know the truth he knows nothing he's lied
  9. I seen enough last time it was a embarrassment I felt sorry for you
  10. what for your dog to bend 1 . You will be waiting a very long time lol
  11. becouse most are sal crosses from syria desert bred could do with importing 1 of them greyhounds to Salford Do you mean greyhound crosses? yes some arabs inport greys from ireland for breeding
  12. sorry forgot the old lines was still about pal. It's this modern shite what's letting the breed down
  13. There ok to breed off but. Don't ever get 1 expecting to kill good winter hares. They struggle to bend 1
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