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  1. I was talking to a chap yesterday, and he goes to Ireland a lot, the lads over there only rate the Wheaton in a lurcher he says, how do the lads on this forum rate the cross? Interested to find out
  2. Certain quarry? I meant to say not serrano
  3. I'm sure there are a few here that have worked them! What were they like? Temperament? Serrano quarry? Stamina? Cheers
  4. your right! All the hounds eat is fallen stock, & they've got to be bombproof
  5. :-)):-)) :-)) that's the funniest thing I have heard all day, I best stop feeding my dogs mackerel before they take up fishing :-))when the hell do you lamp you're dog through a flock of mackerell
  6. I've always fed them raw meat just never lamb
  7. Right lads, what's you're opinions on feeding lamb? I've always swayed away from it, as I don't want the dogs from making the connection between sheep =food! I have lamb on tap though, & it seems a crying shame to keep throwing it in the hole! (If it has died) My dogs are great with stock, but I also know a dogs sense of smell is 40,000 times greater than a humans, what are you're opinions on this subject guys?
  8. But why do some do other quarry & not do too well on fox, baffles me.
  9. Right lads bear with me, what was the best fox dog you saw? Which way bred & type? (Racy, heavy etc?) There were a few dogs that did all quarry, but for some reason danced around a fox, makes no sence, what was the best fox dog you saw that would do all quarry also? I've seen a lot of dogs run, & always compare them to my old bitch who was 3/8 5/8 bull grey x grey. Exceptional on fox, also a very good friend had a super racy bullxgrey x wheatenxgrey that would catch 90% of the foxes she was slipped on, very fast bitch, round here the fields aren't big & they're never in the middle
  10. Hi lads, any one had this cross? Testimonies etc, mine is turning pretty decent Never given the cross any thaught before but happened across this dog who is turning tidy! Any pics? Also any feedback!? Cheers
  11. Surely some are better than others! No?
  12. I feed the lurchers a mix of biscuits & chicken carcasses but wondered what the best dry food is? What do you lot feed yours?
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