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  1. Hatts ran that dog 4/5 days a week summer and winter weather it was injured or not!!
  2. Twelsh you want to stop shagging it yourself and get a dog to do it for the best results!!!!!!
  3. Your dogs your responsibility muppet! Your probably suited more to dominoes
  4. Has razor lined many bitchs now?
  5. Used everything and found j cloth to be the best
  6. Not red it was reds brother (farleys jack)
  7. Get over it be it stubble or freshly drilled corn! Great way
  8. If you really have to ask that question you should not be breeding a litter pal!!!!!!!
  9. Top draw fella! What's the big white bitch?
  10. best thing to do is blindfold your dog so it can't see a thing on walks pal
  11. Lol Poor old bitch, she deserves to be enjoying life having put a few gooduns on the ground!!
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