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  1. You hit the nail on the head with your post title Trev.. Rabbiting, IS hard work....I think a lot of lads sometimes forget that fact... And,.. it gets a whole lot harder if you are 'at it' on a regular basis....things don't always go to plan.. Well done on your solo effort...
  2. Tonic Suits,..a must for an Ace Mod..
  3. Roe.."Pound a pound,.head off, feet off"....sold several hundred back in the day.....it was easy money....
  4. I do believe I might have met that fellah...
  5. Adaptability is a prime requisite for a hunting man,.. and his dog..
  6. Deer ,are a right pain when you are beating with the dogs, on a pheasant shoot..
  7. That was an exceptionally big Mink.. http://www.chalkwarren.co.uk/
  8. Sounds like you are going to have some great fun Billy.. Very few of us live on farms, and have free access to a multitude of domestic critters...but, I have found over the years, that if you have a good bond with your lurchers, they pretty soon twig on to what is on the menu, and what isn't. Obviously, some lurcher types are more driven than others, in fact, I've been out with a few jukels that were a bit of a liability. I only need a quiet wee thing, but even a whippet-sized lurcher can have a crack at forbidden beasts,..so you have to familiarise a young dog with various situations, as much as is possible. The best way, is to get them out early (straight after the jabs)...show them the world that they will be living in... http://www.chalkwarren.co.uk/
  9. Yes, it was a Calico I believe,..a rare variety of Tortoiseshell... My apologies for the confusion....
  10. Spot on there Ketchum,..and if Bird says that a quarter herding dog is plenty enough collie, in any lurcher,.then so fecking be it,..feck arguing with him I'm sticking to me Tortoiseshell cat,...I don't want me jaw broke..
  11. Each to their own. We are all free to make up our own minds and choose, what suits best However, I have definitely lost, good working bitches that have suffered through not being bred from,or preferably, brought out of season, by dint of a vasectomised male ferret. Locally, most bitches were taken to the Wessex ferret club and jill -jabbed for a few quid,..this action prevented hundreds of unnecessary kits being created,...the practice was not foolproof, but was a step in the right direction towards halting, the seasonal influx,of unwanted young ferrets. Personally, we found a sensible and knowledgeable Vet and he vasectomised(not castrated) a few chosen Hobs at a nominal fee, and this was a much better idea. Them old ferrets have earned me a comfortable living, over the years,...ya got to look after them, its only fair..
  12. Done some business around Gallipoli,.....strangely, quiet, spooky old place..and those fecking hills that the boys had to climb, only to face the Turkish machine guns. Bad place to disembark,..a complete disaster,...total feck up by our leaders...
  13. Choose a pup from sensible parents,....then,...socialisation, socialisation,....socialisation...right from day one....
  14. Those Army jackets are made for war Arry, and obviously no expense has been spared to create them... However,...they would be a fecking nightmare anywhere near a Long Net... I see lots of lads out netting today, wearing those smock things,...they are real handy, but obviously, not cheap..
  15. Cracking images fellah http://www.chalkwarren.co.uk/
  16. I've only seen(walked out with) two black males off that line... Both were incredibly wired,..they caught rabbits that I doubted could be taken,...in truth, it was frightening to watch Personally, I could not live with such intensity from a rabbiting dog,..but I can see why some folks, find them entertaining. My own, home-bred cur bitch, has a wee bit of the aforementioned blood in her breeding,..albeit, watered down somewhat... She is still, plenty hot enough for me though... http://www.chalkwarren.co.uk/
  17. IF possible and financially viable,..I often prefer to use traps....
  18. Well, other than deer, there are feck all rabbits left on the forest these days...so if they have located some active warrens,..them rabbits wont be alive for long
  19. Hi fellah,...I have found with Metacam type tabs,..it is favourite to dose the dog with half a tab.. I like to keep the treatment, short and sweet, and cease using the pills, as soon as an improvement is observed. All the best, Phil.
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