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  1. Phil Lloyd

    Let's see your river catches 2019

    You have a PM...
  2. Phil Lloyd

    what is everyone running this season.

    Mostly using, a wee Collie cur,..we never catch much, but, we have a good laugh trying...
  3. Phil Lloyd

    Justify this

    Hate to see the results of a hare shoot... I drove past a team of guns the other year,..they had the hares laid out in a line for an 'end of the day' shot. Reckon they would have needed a camera, with an exceptionally wide-angle lens... I seemed to be cruising past the row of orange fur, for ages... Been asked to shoot on plenty of hare drives, but I would not enjoy it... Mind you,..I do find it interesting to slyly net them,...double standards I suppose...
  4. Phil Lloyd

    Shooting estates

    Too right... Most lurcher boys have HAD to poach,..there was never any other way...
  5. That's a lot of vonga, especially to an OAP like myself. But, putting things into perspective,.I was with a pal yesterday and he paid £600 cash, for a top-class Working springer spaniel pup. I do believe that if you truly want something, and have a real passion for the job,...well, whats money eh,...feck it,...you cannot take it with ya All the best, Phil...
  6. Phil Lloyd

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Well said...
  7. Phil Lloyd

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Good on ya for following your heart, and making the effort to obtain, what you desire... Working dogs are an investment, both financially and emotionally..... Personally, I like to get my money's worth out of a jukel, and to have a working relationship, that lasts for many years, so,...it pays to choose wisely. Good luck to all you guys...
  8. Phil Lloyd

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    I bred Tara as a lamping bitch, but she was still plenty nippy enough for a few hares... Sadly, I got her leg busted on the marsh,.she was never the same...
  9. Phil Lloyd

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Interesting, and thought-provoking post, Budgie...
  10. Phil Lloyd

    Shooting estates

    I don't think I would waste five seasons on a shoot, if there was no, ''give and take ' on the Keeper or landowners part... Unless the estate has sold the stalking, then the deer are often fair game, and down here, a lot of shoots, cull the hares, to hopefully deter trespassers... No, its got to be a favour, for a favour, or I ain't bashing no bushes...
  11. Phil Lloyd

    Shooting estates

    When we get a break, from the trapping and rabbiting, I like to have a walkout on the pheasant, and partridge shoots. You meet all sorts of interesting folk, and if you act respectfully,... the invites to have a run, ....soon come in..
  12. Phil Lloyd

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    I took both those images,...I was amazed at how varied and totally different, all of George's dogs were
  13. Phil Lloyd

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    I've had some great times with the Bedlington hybrids...
  14. Phil Lloyd

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    I had a Border/Bedlington terrier from George...most expensive dog I have ever purchased...
  15. Phil Lloyd

    till we meet again

    True words Blackmag I've not suffered as Keith has,..but, I do know how kind, the members of THL can be when someone, is in the depths of despair. Terrible things can occur, right out of the blue and, the truth is, nobody is exempt from illness... Folk tell me, that time is a great healer, well,.. lI sincerely hope that it is...
  16. Phil Lloyd

    till we meet again

    I am so sorry fellah,...I can only imagine how you feel...it must be terrible..... My kindest regards to you and yours, all the best, Phil...
  17. Phil Lloyd

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Toe to toe, classy fight...
  18. Phil Lloyd

    Kelpies as a stud,

    I feel your pain fellah... Some breeds are just, ...different... However, I fared worse than you bonny lad,....back in the 1980s, I bred a hybrid that was, at the time, a bit of an unknown quantity,...and due to the good old Exchange and Mart, becoming spooked and consequently refusing to take my advert for lurchers pups, I ended up with eight, fecking crazy, Cattle dog x Greyhound dog pups, and their equally manic twin sisters... By the time an advert came out, enabling me to move on the feckers and wean myself off the Valium tabs,.the pups were 4 months old, proper mini-monsters and fully capable of causing mayhem. Like yourself, I do not have the facilities here, for rearing a pack of dingo-like screwballs,...the neighbours were not best pleased with their early morning wake -up calls. It was,..emotional...never again... All the best, Phil...
  19. Phil Lloyd

    New Pup saluki x

    If there are no signs of mange mites, burrowing under the skin, causing bleeds and pustules, etc,...there is no point in trying to eradicate a parasite that is not on the host... It is best to consider, a radical change in diet, and possibly,..a temporary (or maybe, a permanent) change in the pup's location. Things are far easier in the warm summer months,...you can get a jukel with skin ailments, out onto the sea, and also offer copious amounts of raw tripe and beef mince, with plenty of oily fish. Sometimes, you need to experiment and find, THE food, that suits the wee critter... Dogs differ greatly in their ability to handle various ailments, some, like humans, are far more resilient than others. Whatever the reasons for this poor critter's condition, I would desist from rubbing in powerful chemicals and suchlike, onto an already damaged skin surface... No hunting man likes to see, a running dog, or indeed any type of working canine suffer... All the best,...Phil. We had major problems with this fine dog,..but got there in the end, so, keep on trying...
  20. Phil Lloyd


    Al's Kitchen is good,...I do love curry and as you so rightly say, his 'base gravy ' recipe helps out a lot... Mind you, when you have tasted the street food, in various areas of the Middle East,.nothing really compares... Just going for a bum burner now...really looking forward to it... It has been a traumatic year for me,.I nearly lost my Wife and best pal to Cancer, but Inshallah,..we have survived ... Been married, .45 years today; I would not have changed even one minute... All the best, Phil.
  21. Phil Lloyd

    Rabbiting lurchers

    Real old-style Jukel
  22. Phil Lloyd

    Rabbiting lurchers

    Walked out with this old character a few times
  23. Phil Lloyd

    Hot then even hotter

    I've lost dogs, to all manner, of 'over-running' maladies,..some dogs seem pre-destined to die young, whilst others will suffer from abuse and can handle, even the stupidest of handlers... Trust me, I used to be, a world-renowned authority, on the fecking subject... You got to take things really slow and, let the jukels run themselves into, a natural kind of fitness...
  24. Phil Lloyd

    My dogs from my younger days

    Cracking, workman-like types,....them sort of jukes rarely let ya down...