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    Barnesmore whippets

    Don't know much about the various breed prefixes, but I do like whippets, in all their many shapes and sizes. I've had a few over the years, (fecked most of them up), but, they would have had it no other way,...they live to hunt rabbits...same as me...
  2. Back in the day,...I worked with an old rabbit catcher. We traveled all along the South coast and snared and ferreted hundreds of rabbits... We slept in the old Bedford van and parked up in the farmyards.. Ferreting alongside public footpaths, we encountered plenty of folks, from dog walkers to ramblers,... I don't remember anyone showing anything other, than a deep-seated interest in our activities. If they wanted to stand and watch rabbits hitting the nets, we did not mind, just as long as they were quiet. Sometimes we would be carrying bundles of shushis back to the truck and folk would stop us and ask to buy a brace, often the entire day's catch would be sold before we reached the vehicle. Things were different then,...people were different...
  3. Halfords saved my life...their wee lamps helped to pay the mortgage.....
  4. I think we have all strayed from the fold,..the sheer excitement and thrill of the spotlight's glare, ignited in a fire in the hearts of most hunting men... It gave us all,..another way to work our dogs. ..it was great,..it was safe,...the night belonged to us... No,..I've never regretted, walking by night, but nowadays, I much prefer to see the dawn come up. and take in the fabulous sights of rural Britain...
  5. Phil Lloyd

    PURE !!!

    Yep, it's reet grim darn sarf...
  6. Here is another old favorite of mine for you Bonny Lad...he loved the Roe with all his heart...
  7. Got to agree,.I made my bones with such useful, old style lurchers...great days, great times and great memories.
  8. Phil Lloyd

    Warwickshire - incompetence

    Whoosh...oh feck...
  9. Phil Lloyd

    PURE !!!

    Nowadays, the knowledgeable and open-minded lurcher breeder,..has much more choice, than in previous times... Unfortunately,..now that we finally have, the tools for the job,..any job,...we have been cruelly, and unjustly gelded, by ill-thought-out legislation...
  10. Phil Lloyd


    Saw this wee clip on Youtube... Alan at the Midland 2016... Good on him, eh lads,...it takes some guts the walk out in that arena...
  11. Phil Lloyd

    WANTED. collie x greyhound puppy.

    Sounds good fun Shortstraw I've kept all sorts, big and small, fast (and not so fast)...and enjoyed working with them all, but ya can't beat having a bit of a mouch, with a genuine hunting cur...
  12. Phil Lloyd


    So sorry to hear this sad news... Alan was a superb net maker and enjoyed the old style ways of harvesting game...He also liked hunting with a dog and during the late 1980s, he contacted me for a lurcher pup. He came down to my place in Hampshire and I let him have a nice strong Red Merle dog, from my Australian Cattle Dog lurcher x Collie /Greyhound litter...and like anyone else, back in the day, he quite rightly asked to see the Dam of his new pup working. We had a quick shine with my Speckle and Alan saw,... what he needed to see... He was a nice genuine countryman...
  13. Wish I could go back to those days,..the dazzler was so exciting, so real, so new...
  14. Phil Lloyd

    WANTED. collie x greyhound puppy.

    A lot of guys stipulate, that it must be a genuine, Collie x Greyhound that they desire,..but in reality,..they don't really need such an animal..... Most lads would be far better served with a crossbred cur that has obvious Sheepdog traits but also has, a wee bit of something else in its ancestry.. In my experience, for a man to obtain the very best out of a Collie x Greyhound, he has to really want one,..badly...
  15. Phil Lloyd

    Wrassing with the baby

    Fabulous, heartwarming, great to see...
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  17. Phil Lloyd

    f****n choice it is

    You were working for A Pest Controller...and any dog used for the destruction of vermin, or in a sporting situation, is exempt from wearing a metal tag... It is dangerous to allow a dog to wear a collar when entering cover or going to ground, so just stapling the metal tag to a dog's neck,.. would be inhumane... Mind you, as an Experienced Operative,.you should have gone after the dog when it was pursuing that rat/ rabbit,..through the town... You are now, fired...
  18. Phil Lloyd


    " Don't give your heart to a dog to tear"
  19. Phil Lloyd

    Looks don't matter

    I get the drift, regarding looks, over working ability, and perhaps it is simply pure coincidence....but the best dogs I have EVER seen in action,.... all looked good...
  20. Phil Lloyd

    Collie Grey For Stud

    It is difficult to assess a working dog, simply by glancing at a photograph...indeed, there was once a fashion for having 'on-line' dog shows, whereby folks were encouraged to post images of their jukels and these pictures would then be Judged, by some well -known guy,.and the coveted Red rosette, awarded accordingly.. Having been privileged to handle various types of running dog composites over the years, I have found that nothing beats getting hands-on,..and obviously, the cream on the pudding would always be, to walk out into the hunting field and let your eyes provide the truthful answers. In many cases, this is just not possible, so,... its back to the photos. However, unless the cameraman has some semblance of talent,.a lot of good honest working dogs, don't always do themselves justice, when in front of the lens.
  21. Phil Lloyd

    Collie Grey For Stud

    My best ever work dogs, were of Pedigree Unknown,...and none the worse for it...
  22. Phil Lloyd


    Coming in nice and steady, darn sarf,..hopefully, we will all prosper...
  23. Phil Lloyd

    First Cross Bull/Greyhounds.

    Cracking picture All -Terrain