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  1. Did wonder if thats the way to go myself...
  2. Will have to do my very best to stop my dog chasing anything other than rabbits wont I..
  3. They will be fine...... no roe ..plenty munties ...occasionally a fallow or fox.
  4. I want to take a lurcher beating..so he will need to hunt pheasants to flush them. While im there I want to get a run or two at groundgame ( animals with fur ) which are of no interest to the guns..thats the plan..
  5. So long as the birds are driven forward over the guns they arnt worried what type of dog has flushed them...my welsh collie is exellent at the job.. A sharp lurcher may indeed catch one or two birds but so do some of the traditional beating dogs.
  6. Perhaps a little harsh .. . The shoot in question is a farmers shoot , the landowner and guns are my peers and will have no problem with me getting a run or two at groundgame disturbed by the beaters...game that you just wouldnt see without the beaters. So it would be useful if he will hunt feather but I dont want him chasing my chucks all day.
  7. Thanks Balaur...I think thats the way to go. Actually thats what is behind my idea..I want to take him beating to get access to what else may be in the woods...
  8. The chucks live semi wild around the farm , if he chases them it will seriously affect the amount of freedom he gets...which isnt what I want for him...I know I can stop him but would still like him to hunt feathered game if possible.
  9. Is it possible to teach my new pup not to chase my chickens but to hunt feathered game ?
  10. Thank guys..seems to be a general agreement as to how to proceed..Got livestock and other dogs here so no excuse not to make an early start..
  11. Thanks king....I will put plenty of time in and see where we go...common sense goes a long way...
  12. Judging by your response king you dont think there will be a problem...although lamping is the main reason for getting him I do like to take my dogs with me beating..my local farmers shoot are pretty easy going and there are all sorts of things in them there woods.. Just a little concerned about nailing a spaniel instead..
  13. Getting a bull x pup..apart from good socializing and obedience training has anyone got any suggestions as to avoiding dog aggression with him..
  14. My current dog is a red and white welsh collie...a decent sheepdog and an exellent beating dog but he is not a hunter in the same way the lab x was.. the lab x was lethal , pegged way too many birds on the shoots ..to the point that he was band off some..caught loads of rabbits..in his prime he would take some on the run ..was also a top class ratter..dog of a lifetime really..
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