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  1. Any working whippet stud dogs around? For when I’m ready to get my bitch lined,would like something from sooty Sam lines? Something that’s fire on rabbits Anything with sooty Sam bloodlines and strike while irons hot preferably
  2. Does anyone know the breeding of bulldozer what his lines go right back to?
  3. Trying to train 3 your just asking for trouble get rid of 2 keep your favourite and concentrate on that one all your gona do trying to train 3 is give your self hard work and aggravation atb
  4. That’s a nice dog that one looks similar to an old English sheep dog lol looks the right size for abit of rabbiting and mooching
  5. Aha no mate it’s jesse lee from Canterbury he does look similar to Bartley in that pic at that angle though lol
  6. My great grandfather with his lurcher and my 2 great aunts,good to look back on old photos
  7. Sound good animals mate always good to see the special ones you’ll never forget I’ve only seen a handful but when you do see a gooden you know it’s a realen
  8. Thanks mate and no but only young about 18/19 months old
  9. Saluki x whippet x grey, 2 in July and bitch fella
  10. I had a little bitch collie whippet deerhound greyhound had her for nearly 5 years loved rabbits,she ended up jacking on one admittedly she did run it from the field up a concrete track,and jacked so a mate had her off me,his friend took her out with his boy said she run 4/5 rabbits caught a couple on the 6th or 7th run he slipped her and she wouldn’t even run so in my opinion I’d say yes once they do it they’ll do it again that’s coming from experience.
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