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  1. Artoist

    My Lad Jim

    Just measured him and he's 27 inches Ta
  2. Artoist

    My Lad Jim

    He sees plenty rabbits in a morning and he's just not arsed,mind you I think he's had a sniff of a fox in the past because he's set off and it seemed like a different pace and he didn't come back for 20 mins ...shit meself I thought I'd lost him,so yeah maybe there's something in him
  3. Artoist

    My Lad Jim

    Nowt against it at all,I play quite a bit of golf so couldn't possibly fit it all in,walking him twice a day for an hour at a time is enough for me
  4. Artoist

    My Lad Jim

    My last dog Sasha,again not sure what was in her either??
  5. Artoist

    My Lad Jim

    He was 13 month old when I got him he's now 3, description of him at Barnsley and District Animal rescue was "failed hunting dog". I've not had any intention of working him,he's a pet but he can move quite a bit more than my last Lurcher
  6. Artoist

    My Lad Jim

    I'm out with him at moment and I've never measured him tbh other than his weight (27 ish kg) I'll measure him later
  7. Artoist

    My Lad Jim

    Thought I had put more than 1 pic on? Thanks all Here's another
  8. Artoist

    My Lad Jim

    My rescue from Yorkshire,not quite sure what's in him but some think he's Greyhound Deerhound,anyone any experience with them?