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  1. Had to share this work by Sandymere, hope you don't mind.
  2. Jim's my Dog, don't know who Jim from Derby is
  3. Stunning!! Made up with that, I'll pm you now regarding payment etc. Cheers
  4. Best change title of thread hadn't I. Enlighten me about Jim from Derby
  5. Paw and toes healed up good and he's back on form.
  6. Some good times to be had, wish I'd had mine from a pup, looks like a cracker pal. Where's he from?
  7. No pal, we are led to believe he's greyhound/deerhound. Recent pic
  8. Cheers, never seen a sadder looking dog
  9. My lad stood on old steel railings and it's gone in between toes and made a bit of a mess, no lasting damage hopefully. Looks OK now dressing is off but poor bugger got dermatitis now, hefty vet bill to follow, thank god for insurance.
  10. Very impressive work, I would certainly be interested in having a couple of Lurcher portraits done when you are ready for commissions.
  11. Sashas (RIP) collar pattern. Dog tree of life
  12. One from our walk this morning
  13. My lads Bank Holiday Weekend. Before. IMG_20200412_143032 by Stephen Smith, on Flickr After IMG_20200412_143512 by Stephen Smith, on Flickr
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