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    Will Hamilton become the new GOAT, has he got what it takes?
  2. Thought I just heard the good the bad and the ugly theme tune.
  3. Whin and his beasties, and who was it who re-invented the snare and rabbit trap and used them to clear a Scottish island? And that day the woman from the Scottish Greyhound Rescue came on and kicked off when we all joined. lol There's been a few characters on THL over the years, it's what makes this place what it is.
  4. I didn't know that, the first time I spoke to him was on Rabbiters, sadly also gone.
  5. Got a pair of 40watt Wharfedale Diamonds in the loft as back up's.
  6. I run a pair of Technics vintage 3 ways, 100watt input, as my main speakers, and a pair of 2 way Mordaunt Short's 40watts if it's late in the evening and I want to keep the noise down.
  7. stealthy1


    If your not careful, your cock could fall off, your move.
  8. Hope this is the kindling for a revolution.
  9. Welcome aboard, plenty of pop gunners here, check out the Airgun section.
  10. Thank f**k, that's all we needed, the first king of ISIS to be born in the UK.
  11. Who was holding the camera when the police let the crack head go to the house?
  12. TR looks to have lost a lot of weight, he was a chubby f**k when he started.
  13. It looks gay with the silver mounts, black for the look.
  14. Here's ironic, they tried to ban Tom and Jerry when I was a kid, loved watching that Bulldog slap the shit out of Tom.
  15. Back in the 80's there were football hooligans slashing each other up at every match, they made films about it, a lot of films, and people wonder where the kids get it from. And like it's already been said, brought up on violent games, currently on Black Ops 4 you can set fire to women and evey one else in the game, and listen to their screams, just what you want your 5 year old's growing up with, there are also stabbing quests, which there seems to be a lot of lately. Like it's been said, if you don't bring your kids up, they will drag them selves up, and we all know what happens then. If I stepped out of line I got a kick up the arse, it gave me a honorable out look on life that still persists in me today. Anyone remember the Mods and Rockers battles.
  16. Just f**k buddies then.
  17. If you have a thick skin and a good sense of humour, then you can live here, welcome.
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