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  1. Don't post often but had a bit of luck with a landowner I had to deliver to just commented on the amount of rabbits I had seen on his drive when he said there bloody everywhere, I just mentioned that I would be willing to shoot a few with air rifle if he wanted, his reply was fill your boots take as many as you want, turns out he owned 150 acres. Went the other morning and shot 6 was at car loading gun in back when he.came over and was pleased with the 6 but said try for more please, OK I said I will, he then replied by saying it was a shame my air rifle wasn't powerful enough for bloody muntjac as I got too many, my reply was my air rifle might not be but my 243 is, take your fill of them was his reply. So I could well end up with a mixed bag soon next time I'm there both rifles ate coming and camera
  2. My Howa's 243 is bloody good gun just changed the Niko Sterling bit came with
  3. Absolute bloody madness taking pigeons of the general license on the 29th of April
  4. Will be primarily for Roe and Muntjac
  5. Got a howa 243 what bullets do people use in there's as I'm using Remington 105 grains and can't gets decent grouping at all any advice appreciated thanks
  6. She shoots as well so we got a fair bit of kit about the place
  7. Yes but think she's right 3 air bottles and 3 complete outfits is a bit much. I prefer using my fx 2000 or falcon raptor
  8. To much stuff wife moaning saying I don't need 3 lots of everything
  9. Thinking of parting company with this lot
  10. jasper08


    Hi folks have never posted in wildfowling section before but looking for a bit of advice. Done a fair bit of inland fowling before on marsh and ponds and have been to the Solway a few times but am now looking for another place in Scotland to go that offers a package deal (B/B , guide etc ). Don't want to be traveling to far north (Caithness, Sutherland etc ) so any adivice would be grateful thanks.
  11. Women and granddaughter is reason he's to busy lately, but turned out crap because a dog walker wouldn't stay on footpath when asked, after explaining this is private land was told tuff we won't be killing any rabbits whilst i'm about she said, got a bit of a shock when beef cattle "accidentally" ran in her direction lol
  12. Will be first time in a few years that me and eldest son have managed to get out for a walk around, going to try the Webley FX and Falcon
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