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  1. real dog man !!! your pups speak volumes atb
  2. ATB rehoming mate hope he gets good perminant home
  3. Paid £420 in 1983 !!! all the best Reg
  4. I agree with Dymented keep the peddlers at bay my friend
  5. Any lads on here working Lucas / Sealyham types Pics and comments please !!!
  6. Wanting courier from Cork to nr Leeds any contact numbs please !!!
  7. Is this service still on and going if not anybody any others please
  8. Mick spot on spineless alot of these dog men live on reflected glory with there dogs !!! love to see them take some good punishment then told to spar again next day
  9. shes just over 25 tts and approx 27kg !!! she as not been over worked but just 110% on everything and as stated if they go into undergrowth and woods she doesnt hold back
  10. many thanks lads !!! scothunter the bone man said i could go to vet but he was 100% what it was, he gave me herbal leafs to soak at make a polst on her wrists then wrap bandage round, dog is unreal be gutted if she doesnt repair
  11. Thanks i will take pic later and post it !!! After 1 week lay up she is bouncing to get of and be away very obidenent but whe its on something only 1 gear
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