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  1. pav

    Whistling noise FX Royale 500

    Yep it's the reg
  2. pav

    Jsb Hades 15,89/jsb jumbos 15,89

    Have you tryed 18.1 grn jsb Jimmy the 15.8 not great in my crown but the 18s are spot on but mine is fac
  3. pav

    FX chronograph

    If I have the crown hammer spring maxed out and dial on max and other dial on. 30 reg on 135 bar with 18 grn I can only get it to 35ftlb but its loud and groupings all over the place after adjusting everything it's running at 31.5ftlb alot quieter and groupings are great think that's around 880fps
  4. pav

    FX chronograph

    Surely the 34 grn would be better at those speeds mitch a few people have told me to go with the heavier pellet but it took long enuf to set it up as it is I'm leaving it
  5. pav

    FX chronograph

    Shot count must be terrible in them to guns I really can't see the point in having them up that high I have my mk2 impact running at 875 with aa 25 grn and getting 120 shots per fill and knocking bunny's over at 100 yrds with ease people Watch them daft yanks on u tube and think there's has to be the same I just don't get it
  6. pav

    Pard NV008 LRF Models

    So have I and its very good
  7. Get it up to North Yorkshire for a couple of nites mark iv got a little bit land I shoot your welcome for a mooch
  8. pav

    Thermal... ranging

    Just shoot a lot of rabbits it helps pay for stuff
  9. pav

    Thermal... ranging

    I have the pulsar trail lrf xq50 it's easy lol just push a button and it comes on screen
  10. pav

    New uk slugs

    No not yet hopefully soon
  11. pav

    New uk slugs

    Has the company got owt to do with you mitch lol
  12. pav

    New uk slugs

    £30 for 100 wow il stick with my air arms pellets
  13. pav

    Took the lad out

    Well done lads Chris I have a torch here you can have for free whoever I see first Jimmy or Sean il pass it on to them not sure if it's red though mite just be a white pill in it
  14. pav


    Il put a comparison up when the mk2 impact arrives
  15. pav

    rapid mk1 in 20 cal

    Nice one he about the best around here glad he hasn't stopped altogether