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  1. pav

    NEW NV and range finder

    Yes they are a bit scope fussy with the unit been 2x you have to have thin xhairs on scope I found the cheep Hawke hd sport ao scopes work well with them and cost penny's there plenty other scopes work but more expensive bit trial and error
  2. pav

    NEW NV and range finder

    Two excellent bits of kit although I would of sent for the mk5 rangefinder it has a laser on top the add on has a great pic daytime and night they havnt got the legs on the ward 800 but better over all in my opinion you will have some fun there enjoy
  3. pav

    Credit due.

    I bought a couple of weaver clamps off ant supply and fitted sling to them for my impact
  4. pav

    .25 AA Field pellets 25.4gr

    Alrire Phil I use the same pellets I buy them local 10 tins at a time think the last lot cost me£110quid I ran out Sunday went to local shop for more and they wanted 16 quid a tin saying it's new batch new price so I sent off to intershoot for jsb same pellet same weight 100 quid posted for 10 tins the only difference I have for between the two is I get the odd flyer with jsb
  5. pav


  6. pav


    Jimmy iv got a set of Hawke vantage scope here 4x16x50ao new in box with receipt they cost 120 quid you can have them for 60 quid if any good to you only had them on gun for one nite
  7. It doesn't look like a standard stock the brass bands look standard but other brass bits look aftermarket bling
  8. Looks like a titan to me but I'm prob wrong good little guns whatever model it is
  9. pav


    I no Jimmy I'm kidding myself thinking I'm starting to thin them out there just seems more every I go down it' relentless
  10. pav


    The only pellet i have seen about that weight is h&n I have never used them in the impact but my pal is using them in his .25 rapid doing 35 ft b and it' like a laser it' deadly
  11. pav


    That' the problem si there' always something new coming out and I always seem to get sucked into buying it plus my kids are all grown up and fledged so no feker will buy them lol
  12. pav


    I usually use the rapid this time of year si I was just to lazy to change the thermal over
  13. pav


    First time in these few fields they are as they say green as grass two fields over I have taken over 250 out of one field in 4 visits but thinning them out now
  14. pav


    Yes but I would think you could do it in any cal I wouldn want to shoot it much on it' lowest because I have to turn the top valve right in and put dial on minimum and it' a steel pin I think it may bend looking at videos of them but just on the dial as Phil says early 20s to 49 mine will go
  15. pav


    Bashed a few more tonite first time iv been able to get out since I took Jimmy out managed 57 in just over 2 hours had to stop I was knackerd