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  1. Why don't you wait Phil and try the commander nv100 there getting glowing reports
  2. I was gona say there utter pants but didn't want to get jumped on Ian has had the two pard copy 007 and 008 sytong and when I looked through them they were big dissapointment Ian has got one of them base n90 and although I have never looked through it he said it was worse than sytong which I thought you could never get any worse
  3. That will get you one from mcloeds I had a axion xq38 and took it back hated it
  4. You can buy a Helion 2 xp50 for 2400 quid now I no what I would buy but iv got the pro
  5. Mk1 22 around 600 but iv seen them go for up to 750 and mk2 anything from 650 to 900 prices go up and down for them catch someone in market for one and they will pay whatever your asking
  6. Just stick a sak mod on it got one on my crown sounds like a sub 12 airgun
  7. One just sold on bbs for £90
  8. Thats probably because he has to do all guns twice because of leaks when you meet up with Jimmy and si get si to drill end of marksman silencer for 25 and the plastic discs between baffles 2 minute job that's all the silencer you will need phil
  9. Airgun 101 have jumped on the fx bandwagon iv herd a few donnys on different guns and a hw100 mod is prob better in fac a a&m marksman twice as quiete there alot of ppl had some good stuff done by Liam but also alot have had leaks when they have got there guns back off him and the prices they charge you shouldn't have problems don't no why you say the fx shroud and mod not good if you get your tune right there not that bad in fact I have been using either a sak mod or a&m on mine for a while just to get them a little quieter
  10. Air fective but beware he not called leaky Liam for nothing lol stay away from donny fl there shit unles your a yank
  11. It's because there a new 007s coming out
  12. The 34 and 36 are realy good both diameter [BANNED TEXT] we tryed them in ians impact
  13. Pm me Yr adress Phil il send u some sample different weights down
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