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  1. Sad news mate sorry to hear that
  2. Same dog in both pics and was 6 wk in bottom pic
  3. Wasn't a bad pup in the litter nice to see them grow and go off to there new homes I'd love to see these in a years time
  4. I find this post very frustrating people like this really piss me off churning out pups...for what? Clearly not for working purposes as he would have more of a clue than not knowing what he as just bred!!!.., I've an old bitch at home that's 9 year old that I would simply av given my left leg to get a pup back off her not through a lack of trying. Or know how simply she's a barren bitch it's woundin knowing that I can't get a pup back for my self from her. then I read posts like this..... really??? f***ing joke
  5. every time I see that bitch I like her more and more....
  6. You've done a great job with those pups mate credit to you nd the bitch some very happy new owners no doubt as I know I would be beaming for a while yet
  7. Go check out Terry Ermans pups on his thread. His are leagues abouve these on every level. Il say no more
  8. I would sooner do some leg work and source a decent well reared pup from working stock before parting with 330 quid for a Hancock,
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