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  1. cold pint

    Lost Lurcher

    Sad news mate sorry to hear that
  2. cold pint

    Two Bobcock dog pups looking for homes

    Good home here for life If ones still available
  3. cold pint

    Bedlington whippet

    Same dog in both pics and was 6 wk in bottom pic
  4. cold pint

    Bedlington whippet

    A first x I had
  5. cold pint

    Bedlington whippet

    Nice looking pup
  6. cold pint

    Wondering on how to know the breed of pups

    Nope Merle is a gene
  7. cold pint

    Long ears??

    Take a walk and find out
  8. cold pint

    The pups that are left

    Wasn't a bad pup in the litter nice to see them grow and go off to there new homes I'd love to see these in a years time
  9. cold pint

    Wondering on how to know the breed of pups

    I find this post very frustrating people like this really piss me off churning out pups...for what? Clearly not for working purposes as he would have more of a clue than not knowing what he as just bred!!!.., I've an old bitch at home that's 9 year old that I would simply av given my left leg to get a pup back off her not through a lack of trying. Or know how simply she's a barren bitch it's woundin knowing that I can't get a pup back for my self from her. then I read posts like this..... really??? f***ing joke
  10. cold pint

    Few Pictures

    every time I see that bitch I like her more and more....
  11. cold pint

    Litter out on the lawn

    You've done a great job with those pups mate credit to you nd the bitch some very happy new owners no doubt as I know I would be beaming for a while yet
  12. cold pint

    A couple of photos taken in the dark!

    Absolutely brilliant
  13. cold pint

    Border collie

    Go check out Terry Ermans pups on his thread. His are leagues abouve these on every level. Il say no more
  14. cold pint

    Border collie

    I would sooner do some leg work and source a decent well reared pup from working stock before parting with 330 quid for a Hancock,