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  1. Don’t moan about it then and carry on posting,all the best kidda
  2. Your the fool constantly moaning not me,I like to see working terriers but I’m not crying about it being kept in house,so is what I’m saying practice what you preach little fella ?
  3. Your the one going on as usual,rather post or don’t but don’t preach to the choir about it shouldn’t be public but you post on open forum,delete your account and work your dogs and keep your circle close like you say and you should be fine
  4. Cut loose any talkers,your never of here talking crap ?any man who puts pictures of he’s working terrier on here can’t complain about keeping it away from public,any idiot can look on here without an account
  5. ill stick to my white dogs theirs to much bollocks with the cockers dogs and not the best finders anyway!each to their own
  6. Well if their he's blood people are going to say their he's blood other wise they would be lying,theirs lots of he's blood in the north
  7. Well if he didn't sell dogs to every1 he's name wouldn't be used would it,what's wrong with people saying they have he's dogs if it's true
  8. Let's have it right,lads have bought pups directly of him and now they have bred their pups they bought of him and have bred their selfs some good dogs n that's what he doesn't like be they don't need him no more so he doesn't like it when he should be happy the lads dogs r going well
  9. He flooded the place a few year back selling pups,I'm guessing they was no good that's why theirs none about
  10. Theirs plenty of lads with cocker dogs in Ireland
  11. Now let's stop arguing over the Internet lads,how as your season been Neil have you had some good sport!how many keyboards you gone though ??
  12. Neil wouldn't have a legendary terrier because he doesn't dig them
  13. How can you say anything about breeding dogs,your dogs are a pile of shit that don't get took out of their kennels,instead of hunting your dogs you would perfer to sit at your computer drinking beer you old pissed up c**t,your the laughing stock of Ireland
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