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  1. Have a litter due on tenth of October if u still looking
  2. trapliner

    Dogs getting restless

    No not at all very rare we get out before beginning of December anyway no point nowt doing till then anyway with all the maze crops we have about far too much cover for them to be under the sod
  3. trapliner

    Artifical earth's - how to make them better

    Try and put it in an area where there isn’t many other natural earths always improves the chances of them being used and as said dry out of the wind and left quiet are a must
  4. trapliner

    Puppy has been returned thanks for everyohelp

    Good result am pleased for you and your young lad.
  5. trapliner

    Working terriers in france film good watch

    Camera work 10 /10 terrier work 0/10
  6. trapliner

    Middleton book

    I like the story about when he dug a litter of feral sheepdog pups( J P priceless )
  7. trapliner

    Who do you admire?

    J P can certainly tell a tale like no other as u say chevin top man
  8. trapliner

    Fox cubs an badgers

    Had a litter in an artificial wiped out by a brock a couple of years ago so it does happen but would say the night vision boys are the ones having the biggest impact on the fox numbers round here especially
  9. trapliner

    Dinner hour

    Electric one from fox call UK has a lot of different calls on it but got good volume and radio control too
  10. trapliner

    Dinner hour

    It gets the results I need have always said it’s the person behind the gun that counts some people have all the gear but no idea
  11. trapliner

    Dinner hour

    Set up the crow caller on the farm tonight managed to drop a carrion and a Maggie very affective them crow callers
  12. trapliner

    Dinner hour

    a jay then two grey squirrels not a bad way to spend my dinner hour between jobs
  13. trapliner

    B&F locator red box on off switch

    Seems to be a common complaint about the red box should encoparate the magnet on off in the box the same as the collers would do away with any physical switch problem solved
  14. trapliner


    Recently just moved in to my girlfriends house along with 3 dogs and two ferrets as she is terrified of ferrets they were banished into the shed at the end of the garden next to the chicken run . She phoned me at around five last night to say she was going to look at a horse with her friend and that she had put her two dogs in the garden and how long would it be before I got home I replied not long setting of soon so bout one hour. Upon arriving home and getting out of the van I could hear the dogs barking and the chickens going crazy so ran round to the garden to see the dogs running up and down the fence line of the chicken run thinking it was the dogs that were upsetting the chucks is shouted at them to leave the bloody things alone as they came toward me a ferret ran under the gate and onto the lawn and before I could grab either dog they had seen it and let’s just say they did what unbroken terriers do tried in vain to rescue it but too late then the second ferret came under the gate so quickly picked that up and took it back to the cage . Looking closely at the cage some of the mesh was slightly bent inward just enough for a small Jill to squeeze through must have happened juring me moving it from my old address all is secure now but lesson learned if I move in future. At least the cat loving lesbian anti next door didn’t see it I don’t think or am shure she would of called the arse p c a .
  15. trapliner

    We meet again

    Got this fellow other day looks like we have met before