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  1. trapliner

    Fox cubs an badgers

    Had a litter in an artificial wiped out by a brock a couple of years ago so it does happen but would say the night vision boys are the ones having the biggest impact on the fox numbers round here especially
  2. trapliner

    Dinner hour

    Electric one from fox call UK has a lot of different calls on it but got good volume and radio control too
  3. trapliner

    Dinner hour

    It gets the results I need have always said it’s the person behind the gun that counts some people have all the gear but no idea
  4. trapliner

    Dinner hour

    Set up the crow caller on the farm tonight managed to drop a carrion and a Maggie very affective them crow callers
  5. trapliner

    Dinner hour

    a jay then two grey squirrels not a bad way to spend my dinner hour between jobs
  6. trapliner

    B&F locator red box on off switch

    Seems to be a common complaint about the red box should encoparate the magnet on off in the box the same as the collers would do away with any physical switch problem solved
  7. trapliner


    Recently just moved in to my girlfriends house along with 3 dogs and two ferrets as she is terrified of ferrets they were banished into the shed at the end of the garden next to the chicken run . She phoned me at around five last night to say she was going to look at a horse with her friend and that she had put her two dogs in the garden and how long would it be before I got home I replied not long setting of soon so bout one hour. Upon arriving home and getting out of the van I could hear the dogs barking and the chickens going crazy so ran round to the garden to see the dogs running up and down the fence line of the chicken run thinking it was the dogs that were upsetting the chucks is shouted at them to leave the bloody things alone as they came toward me a ferret ran under the gate and onto the lawn and before I could grab either dog they had seen it and let’s just say they did what unbroken terriers do tried in vain to rescue it but too late then the second ferret came under the gate so quickly picked that up and took it back to the cage . Looking closely at the cage some of the mesh was slightly bent inward just enough for a small Jill to squeeze through must have happened juring me moving it from my old address all is secure now but lesson learned if I move in future. At least the cat loving lesbian anti next door didn’t see it I don’t think or am shure she would of called the arse p c a .
  8. trapliner

    We meet again

    Got this fellow other day looks like we have met before
  9. trapliner

    New Artifical

    Always cut six inch out of the bottom of plastic pipe so they are running on soil rather than plastic they don’t seem to like traveling on plastic must be something to do with grip
  10. trapliner

    New Artifical

    Funny old things artificial s have put many in over the years if it’s to there liking had foxes move in within weeks of finishing it others never had a thing in them I try to put them in areas where there are no other earths about to improve the chances of them been used have tried the warreners tip of using fox smelling water to tempt them but not found it to make a lot of difference to be honest I would say the key element is the position of the entrances I have mine facing south as you never get cold winds from that direction the last one I dug in was only a single entrance to a bed with a large stone in the centre to act like a mini roundabout have found this to be successful as it dousnt create a chimney effect of drawing a cold draught through like the double enterances have but sounds like you done a good job with that one time will tell
  11. trapliner

    8 for 8

    The tube at the back of the scope isn’t the tightest of fits so used electrical tape to hold it in place so is just easier and have done a bit of rat shooting at night with it so left it on for know
  12. trapliner

    8 for 8

    Yesterday’s bag with the ripley and help from the kids to upload
  13. trapliner

    8 for 8

    Not sure how to do it really have tried before and didn’t work
  14. trapliner

    8 for 8

    Had a spare few hours yesterday so decided to take the air rifle out for a few hours to the little shoot I look after I always keep one pheasant feeder going in each wood all year so as to hold the few birds that were left over from the season with only keeping one feeder full it is the only source of corn for the birds but also the squirrels I hit them pretty hard last year in the big wood taking out just short of seventy so was time to hit the other main wood we have so set up a little hide twenty yards away from the feeder only had to wait twenty mins for first customer to arrive then got another seven in the next two hours with the ripley Hogan then a carrion landed in the tree above me but was a touch high with the shot but never mind eight squirrels will keep the ferrets fed for a while
  15. trapliner

    First season dogs

    Started a young bitch this season had a few bolts and a couple of digs only fault won’t push on when tubes get tight bang up to em when there’s plenty of room hopefully improve with age and experience but am happy with this season s progress