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  1. Get round the car boot sales buy a cheap chainsaw and weld a pipe on
  2. A lot of the Europeans use shovel like that I found they came into there own for back filling as you can stand in the dig and just drag the loose spoil towards yourself
  3. Ordered one from a company but they couldn’t supply had a devil of a job getting a refund via pay pal when I did Blackwood were also out of stock which was my point
  4. Been trying to buy a pard 007 all summer but seems everywhere is out of stock for some reason only eBay that has them but been warned off there as they have not had the software update to convert language set up to English
  5. Half way through the book and must say it’s very confusing just a mass of repeated names of men and dogs and so much repeated would of been far better doing things in chronological order from the early days of John knowing buck and bray up to the present the majorty of what is written is gospel true but knowing jp personally he dous love a tale god bless him
  6. Used a dog over my bitch last year that had that mcguigan dog in its pedigree but a fair way back that dog must of been around at least twenty if not thirty years ago
  7. Not hundred percent on the laws but you do need a hunting license to hunt all game was despatchd immediately with a .22 pistol the moment it got on top the way it should be racoondogs very numerous had 18 over four days nearly always in pairs and a lot from under barn floors very reluctant to bolt I found
  8. Went to Finland last year great digging and plenty of game to be had good lads too
  9. No had a russel with tackle off worked many seasons no problem no longer with us now lived to 14 worked to 11
  10. Patterdale dog pup View Advert Patterdale dog pup black smooth coat leagaly docked microchiped pm for more info Advertiser trapliner Date 02/12/19 Price £250.00 Category Working Terriers  
  11. Have a litter due on tenth of October if u still looking
  12. No not at all very rare we get out before beginning of December anyway no point nowt doing till then anyway with all the maze crops we have about far too much cover for them to be under the sod
  13. Try and put it in an area where there isn’t many other natural earths always improves the chances of them being used and as said dry out of the wind and left quiet are a must
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