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  1. diggory


  2. diggory

    Eddie Chapman

  3. diggory

    Dog And Mink Tag Team A Muskrat

    Very interesting mate. Thanks for sharing
  4. diggory

    Terriers & Mink

    A minks just killed all the chickens. My bitch flushed him from under the shed. I set up a live catch trap. It's the old waiting game now
  5. diggory

    Arthur Nixon.

    RIP Arthur. Had the pleasure of hunting several times with him. And he made the fell and moorland meetings at high am highly entertaining !
  6. diggory

    Rip A Good Mate A Nixon

    RIP Arthur.
  7. diggory

    Rotherham Riot

    No doubt swelled the next edl March
  8. I have family in keighley. The last time we were up we nipped in town. My god you could cut the atmosphere with a knife .. Utterly destroyed a beautiful little town. With its guaranteed peodo gang to boot !
  9. diggory

    Moving Some Soil.....

    cracking write up. We've all scratted round like bantys as youngsters. Still do lol
  10. diggory

    Bellew V Haye

    Bellew wouldn't go 3 rounds with David Haye !
  11. Anyone with any grape vine tips. Should you water/ feed etc ? Thanks
  12. diggory

    Funny Joke Thread

    I pulled my cock out of this fat girl's arse, then she turned over spread her legs revealing her sweaty, hairy minge, and said, "Are you going to eat that?". "Your pussy?" I asked disgusted. "No that" she replied, pointing at the sweetcorn on my cock.
  13. diggory

    Funny Joke Thread

    What's 22 stone and rides a Derby winner? Adam Johnson's cell mate.