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  1. joeb8866

    Nuts and bolts

    I dont mate, to be honest I couldn't keep up making them and doing my day job. Dont mind doing the odd one here and there though.
  2. joeb8866

    Nuts and bolts

    No reason it wont be as strong if done right. I've dug decent depth with one and hung off it without any trouble.
  3. joeb8866

    Nuts and bolts

    Made a couple now. M20 capscrew welded to the bottom half, machined m20 insert welded inside the top half. Drill through the 2 halves including the thread put a small nut and bolt through to stop twist. Strong and full size.
  4. joeb8866

    Ortovox zoom +

    The ortovox changes to send mode after a few minutes if no movement is detected from what I remember you have to flick it off and bacl on to get it back to search but its accurate enough. Decent size to throw in your pocket and the screen lights up which can be handy.
  5. joeb8866


    That's it. I've done stainless ones for people, look good but dont do the job any different bit of rust never hurt anyone
  6. joeb8866


    Just made them on the side at work for a few lads I know so far mate.
  7. joeb8866


    Yeah bud. Couple bought out bits obviously and just weld them together they're handy to throw in a bag!
  8. joeb8866


  9. joeb8866

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    I was gifted this red pup a while back. Was told he has beddy on the dams side, Pictured tied to the gate..sire black and tan lakeland going into his first proper season once we start up again.
  10. joeb8866

    How long do pups howl?

    If it's got saluki in the they only usually moan until they stop breathing
  11. joeb8866

    new season

    Haha you know what's looking at
  12. joeb8866

    new season

    Young dog here to get going gave him a look end of last season and did well. Keen to get at it with him now.. Hoping to have a good season with him!
  13. joeb8866

    Common beginner mistakes to avoid!

    Don't get anything with saluki in it'll put you off for life moaning wankers
  14. joeb8866


    Good on her mate!!
  15. joeb8866


    How's the Pepsi bitch coming on mate?