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  1. Another nice dog Chesney! Real nice head on him! He doesn't look very big. How big if you don't mind I'm thinking around 16Lbs
  2. Oh look Calvin brought out Danielle ashlock!! Hahaha, listen Danny I'm not gonna let you and the other tards ruin this thread. You wanna call me names and tell everyone about me well then start your own thread and leave this one alone!!!! I say what I need to and leave it alone but you lowlifes keep it going. Start a rippem thread PLEASE AND LEAVE THIS ONE ALONE! matter of fact I'll start one tomorrow for you and Calvin and post what candy used to look like then I know you guys will leave this one alone. Aren't you supposed be out on the corner right now Danny Boy? It is Friday the biggest money day of the week for you. Good night you 2 I'm not posting to this again.
  3. Just calling B.S. not gonna get suckered into you ruining this thread. So have a good night
  4. No you wouldn't, Lmao that's why you registered them with every registry you could! so you could sell your 6 litters you've had this year with your high priced dog's! Lmao
  5. And dillydog is right they do have border in them. If you could read then you would know that because it's in your PEDs you bought
  6. No fucktard your the only that was stupid enough to pay for there PEDs! Because I don't have PEDs on my dog's fucktard
  7. Never did I say I hunt.
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