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  1. Ace Boone coon


    I seen a lot rip also. There useless. It not like the rest of the toes that actually functional. Jmo
  2. Ace Boone coon


    The recoveet time isn't bad. Around a couple week's. Weird that you can have any vet do it now that it's older becaus over they won't. Youwouod either have to find a quack vet or have an injury. 5 days or younger there isn't much in the tail as far as nerve ending and they really don't feel it. When they start to get. Older now there are nerve endings and such so for them to do it is a surgery now and it does hurt the dog when there older. I hate getting a dog with dew claws but if I do and it's older I just leave it. The tail shouldn't bother you if he works. It's not like there taking half of it off..
  3. Ace Boone coon


    Yeah she is just as photogenic if not more so. Good looking bitch
  4. Ace Boone coon


    Gorgeous dog!
  5. Ace Boone coon

    All good things end

    It's nice to hear when someone knows when to call it quits. A lot of folks don't seem to know when and keep going off of ego. Good for you
  6. Ace Boone coon

    Puppy has been returned thanks for everyohelp

    Good for your family that he you got the pup back. Don't here that happening to often. If the pup isn't chipped yo I might want to do that. Incase something ever happens again you can call all the vets around to keep watch. Good for you though.
  7. Ace Boone coon

    Bull Terriers for Hunting

    And he actually has a lot you ingent! Show's how intelligent you are.
  8. Ace Boone coon

    Bull Terriers for Hunting

    That's it catchum try and make it about me go feed your tumor ridden mutts! You Act like your a somebody and you feed garbage and don't even hunt! You always run a thread with bullshit nonsense! Im Not even gonna respon to your bullshit comments your not worth it and def not worth the sweet sweat of my starfish! Maybe you will understand this fook off you ingent twat!
  9. Ace Boone coon

    Bull Terriers for Hunting

    Yeah you were right, you slept way to looong! Nobody is having a paranoid episode catchum up your ass! So relax you miserable turd, it's not about you or Me so stop it turd!
  10. Ace Boone coon


    She looks likes she has no stop in her! Nice to see a bitch in a pic that did it's job and still isn't finished! She looks like she is trying to get back to it, awesome pic bud!
  11. Ace Boone coon

    Bull Terriers for Hunting

    He isn't an anti just a lying fucktard from America trying to get all of your guy's attention, Lmao next thing you know he will be asking about PEDs and dog's, Hahahaha. I ran a dog rescue for a long time for a lady that brought in dogs from India and a couple other countries and the shipping to get them here is crazy money! And who in there right mind would partner up with someone from another country and share the dog by shipping it back and forth? f**k the dog would have to shit gold for me to do that! Hey D, A! Next time just talk about terriers you seem to be a better liar at that. Doesn't anyone else here think that is weird he comes on a terrier page and doesn't ask about nor tell us about his Terriers and the hunts he does with them but talks about a bull terrier cross? Someone is lying to try and make some friends, how sweet is thatLol
  12. Ace Boone coon


    Nice! Nice strong looking head on him!
  13. Ace Boone coon

    Bull Terriers for Hunting

    Is that even the same dog? Lmao, looks a lot shorter and the ears look a lot longer. And what happen to the pink spot in the nose? And yes dogs can travel but to bring them back and forth cost a shit ton! And why would someone want to co own a dog from another country and ship it back and forth? Makes no sense at all. Sorry just saying