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  1. No Carver dog danellia is under 20lbs. And if so there was something genetically. In fact most of the Carver dogs are big not small. I bet you knew the man and have a yard full of his dog's? Lmao, maybe that's were you got your story telling from??
  2. No I just need dogs to fit in our earth and I believe in if it's not broke leave it alone! I like my dogs danellia that was bred no reason for me to change them. And you have a 25lb Carver dog? Yeah ?
  3. That's right danellia! Your dog cant fit in a set over here to begin with so might as well make them bigger!! And there is no 25lb maverick dogs!!
  4. You gonna cry buddy? I didn't knock the bitch you posted so relaxe. I think your the strange and deluded one and must I ad very sensitive? you might need to have your estrogen levels looked at because what I can tell is there pretty high!! And the strip club is at night so what that does that have to do with hunting? It ok little buddy O didn't mean to upset you? well I hope you at least didn't forget your helmet before you left for work?
  5. Stfu danellia, this other guy is probably you if not one of 1of 1 friends. Hahaha
  6. Watch "Bob Marley Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright LYRICS" on YouTube https://youtu.be/wYCpWblDKok
  7. No I'm saying I wouldn't take one of your dog's on here even if it was for free except for only a couple of yours. Most of your dog's are not even spannable and def not flexible by there size and thickness. Not for me
  8. Americans remember these are the ages of most the members on this board so consider who you are talking to! Hahaha, and look at that fox, a female perhaps and looks pregnant ? yeah those are the ones that argue with us on here! Sorry even a redneck f***ing inbred hillbilly wouldn't of disposed a pregnant animal? And f**k I don't believe the dog got that fox either ??everyone is clean as f**k and so is the fox and dog looks like it just got back from the groomers?? so bed wetters as you all say FOOK OFF??
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