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  1. Just to say they are terrier pups to few who are confused ! Prob not that clear with the catagory been (working terriers )at bottom of add !! Cheers ????
  2. View Advert 4 dog pups for sale 4 dog pups for sale out of good working lines !! Call JOEY for any more info 07928420960 !! I will put £200 as price but sure you’ll sort summat between yourselves ! Advertiser TRUE SAXON Date 30/10/19 Price £200.00 Category Working Terriers  
  3. Can’t pull them apart they are double strapped up from outside to stop that !! Designed for guard dogs mate but for point usually ??
  4. Got one of these for mine off amazon pretty decent !! Few of lads bought them now
  5. Is pup still there sent a pm other day for your number cheers
  6. It is a sad day today with the loss of a great friend / man and terrier man. Steve was a very knowledgeable terrierman with who I had the pleasure to work his dogs and pick his brains hes been taken far too soon and my thoughts are with cath and the rest of his family. R.I.P mate
  7. Takagain do some nice horn !! Your mate shaun from scar view uses ones
  8. Francolin you should join bring them to whatch your boys hounds that way you get paid i get to slap a few more of them c**ts and mr townend can have your pack lunch lol that sounds like a good plan
  9. Nothing new about hunt followers stood watching !!Too bothered about been filmed by the antis .its about time we all stand up and be counted and f**k them off for good if they know their gonna get a slap if they turn up they will soon f**k it off . And it does work seen 2 local hunts rid of them with a little help lol .
  10. No ebay mate there is an arva link on their at moment £100 with 2 days left
  11. Yes it works mate you need to be alot steadier with it when your trying to locate dog as it only as one antenna and it makes it abit slower but you will end up on dog !!! If you can afford a little bit more try and get one with 3 antennas it make life alittle easier im using a box called arva at moment its spot on atb true saxon
  12. Was a top weekend jason looking forward to our next joint meet and a big thanks from all the lads to chris and his dad hope to be down again soon ATB TRUE SAXON
  13. he as sold a dog he had no [BANNED TEXT] to sell long story to be honest !! i really wouldnt of put this post up if i felt it wasnt worth sorting out cheers
  14. Just looking for a bit of info on an Alan Hardy from durham or hartlepool way who as pulled a stroke with a dog i bred !!! i know this lad is a dog dealer on that facebook site but i could do with the whereabouts of him or someone who can get a grip of him all info would be greatful thanks and atb lads truesaxon PMs might be best aswell cheers
  15. this old name will still be there. looking forward to it Ye your getting old alli thats for sure lol lol
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