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  1. Brilliant I’ve made a little metal cross that sits on top so I can stick a little frying pan on and cook at same time
  2. I’ve no complaints about my fells nose never let me down . I’ve had a beddie before and bred beddie whippets. Only thing I can see that a beddie cross has over fell is a bit of height . Maybe a 3/4 whippet 1/4 fell would be better
  3. She had to be spayed she only came in season once and then not properly. Shame as they are both good workers . The fell is tough as old boots
  4. I wanted to try this cross but my whippet bitch only came in season once and then only for a few days . Think they would be handy tough little dogs
  5. Who’s breeding quality whippets . I’ve bred my own Dogs in the past but as my only dog is getting on now I’m looking for a pup
  6. Il see if i cam find it thanks
  7. I made some years ago just chopping them up water yeast sugar and raisins
  8. Anyone got a good simple cider recipe ive got trees fit to burst no press though
  9. Anyone got good simple cider recipes got a load of apples no press tho
  10. My old dog 21 1/2 tts . Took his fare share of fox and hare
  11. bedo


    Who's working one. Pics and info
  12. I don't know mate. I don't really follow all.the breeding side of things just try and find something I like and get the best I can out of them. she's not a big bitch quite lightly built nothing like my old show bred dog il find a pic of him and her together
  13. Is 20.1/2 tall bitch for mick brown or normal mate
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