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  1. bedo


    Il see if i cam find it thanks
  2. bedo


    I made some years ago just chopping them up water yeast sugar and raisins
  3. Anyone got a good simple cider recipe ive got trees fit to burst no press though
  4. bedo


    Anyone got good simple cider recipes got a load of apples no press tho
  5. bedo

    Coursing Whippets

    My old dog 21 1/2 tts . Took his fare share of fox and hare
  6. bedo


    Who's working one. Pics and info
  7. bedo

    Coursing Whippets

    I don't know mate. I don't really follow all.the breeding side of things just try and find something I like and get the best I can out of them. she's not a big bitch quite lightly built nothing like my old show bred dog il find a pic of him and her together
  8. bedo

    Coursing Whippets

    Is 20.1/2 tall bitch for mick brown or normal mate
  9. bedo

    Coursing Whippets

    Cracking whippet trev
  10. bedo

    Coursing Whippets

    My.old whippet dog took his fair share of hares in his day and a good number of fox 30+ over seven years not a lot compared to some of you lads but most were worked out of woodland and rough cover by him and sometimes with old Bedlington bushing
  11. bedo

    Coursing Whippets

    She's 20 1/2. She's had a few but there were she's worked them and put them up herself not got the speed for a long slip. She does well on rats ferreting and lamp. took a few fox doubled up.
  12. bedo

    Coursing Whippets

    my mike brown bitch got some coursing blood in her
  13. bedo


    he's a fell but thought I'd stick a pic up