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  1. unusual to see a lakey in with hounds my dads lakey had to be kennelled separately nice looking bitch you can not beat a good black and tan
  2. my dads digging dogs was like her great little dogs
  3. Great pics is the third from the right got a bit of Border in it look like my brother in law working border
  4. Sorry not my borders but there look like my brother in law bitch he is a game keeper in the south west. He said she is good bitch the first border he has owned got her from my dad mate in DEVON
  5. My brother in law had a good first season with his little border bitch and still having a good season with her i never thought he would have a border he like black dogs and had some very good black dogs but speaks well of this border but like he said time will tell
  6. I like the old cockers how did you get on training them
  7. Went down south a few weeks ago to pick up my springer pup from my brother-in-law who is a keeper
  8. Did you have guns? good stuff lads
  9. Being broad shouldered makes him more noisy as he pushes through tight spots, the Mrs sits and picks the thorn spikes out of him in the evening. Thanks for your comment on him, as he's not everyone's cup of tea. Mate I think that's a cracking looking dog,if you were to put him to a female who looked like him or close I'd 100% have a pup off you! Some cracking bushing dogs on here I love them
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