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  1. Looking for a border pup (bitch) ready Oct - been let down Many thanks Jack
  2. Thanks for all the replies - i have looked at the strong stuff collars in the past.....tough call.
  3. Thanks Countryman62, I've seen on FB that he is working his way through a backlog of orders and unfortunately, i am in a hurry. His work idoes look brilliant though
  4. Cant find Black Dog Trading - are they still going? Where else can i buy a decent lurcher collar and slip collar set up
  5. jhiggins

    Alternative lamp

    Thanks, good to know. Thought it would be too good to be true
  6. jhiggins

    Alternative lamp

    Can you adjust the beam from flood to a tighter beam?
  7. jhiggins

    Alternative lamp

    Anyone tried one of these?? https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/252605884163?chn=ps&adgroupid=46781198765&rlsatarget=pla-378868105107&abcId=1129946&adtype=pla&merchantid=113613860&poi=&googleloc=9045110&device=c&campaignid=974199509&crdt=0 Doesn't state the wattage of the bulb. A lot cheaper than the Tracer 170 and its variable
  8. jhiggins

    Few pics of the squadron

    Glad you're back mate, your pictures are always great
  9. jhiggins

    Protection from barbed wire

    Thanks Maximus - ive been looking at a lot of American gear at http://www.hardcorehogdogs.com/Cut_Gear.html Thanks Northernlite - I've only just my other lurcher up and running from another injury!!! I have 11 dogs but I've always got at least one in the sick bay!
  10. Morning All, I was out bushing with a few of my dogs yesterday and my bigger lurcher went straight through a barbed wire fence in pursuit of his quarry. Needless to say, although he carried on after it, he came back with two decent tears in his chest and a load of minor cuts to his legs and stomach and even one on his tongue!! After a few staples and some penicillin - he's on the mend but I'm now faced with him being laid up for at least a few weeks and I cant help but think, could this have been prevented?? I have seen the neoprene vests that you can buy for gun dogs and i have even considered them for my own before now but I've always worried about them being caught up in the thicker cover. I have heard that a couple of the European manufacturers are researching the Kevlar vests more commonly associated with american hog dogs - so my question is has anyone had any experience of these at all? I would be interested to hear, thanks.
  11. Is there anyone that can repair M3 collars? Thanks J
  12. jhiggins

    Dr John Gold

    I use Dr Johns Gold for all my gun dogs, lurchers etc as part of a part raw part biscuit diet. Its good food at a reasonable price.
  13. I'm looking for two albino ferrets ready to work this season, preferably both jills. Kent area. Cash waiting. Thanks
  14. jhiggins

    The Bitch Is Back

    After what has felt like ages, my bitch is finally healed up enough to get out. I just hope she has learnt her lesson and won't pick another fight with the Rotty.
  15. jhiggins

    Help Needed (Kent)

    I found it useful for the dog to learn that YOU are where the fun comes from - whether it be a ball, a dummy or a toy, the dog will stick with you and come back to you if he thinks you are going to do something fun. This will then progress to associating you with whatever game you are hunting. If he only associates you with walking to heal / going back on the lead then hes got no good reason to come back to you while hes off having his own fun. As others have told you, the most important thing is to create a bond between the two of you - you are a hunting team at the end of the day. You cant operate without each other. All the best