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  1. my fao told me to put it in the bed room as it was under the stairs at the time an less damp .....
  2. wounder if i get a another delivery of logs ....

    1. tilfertilfer


      if ya do send me some x38 lol

  3. Nettles bet that was fun lol....................
  4. lol i was at one point getting 35p a pigeon of the meat man..... http://alternativeme.../result/?q=deer £85
  5. It looked like a fungus I all fairness
  6. had the dog out for a run just and picked up two bunnys in the same wood both with little orange spots on there ears/eyes never seen this befor any ideas on what it was both good strong bunnys and ran ok ........
  7. cant wait to excersie the DEMOND...

  8. Munty stew mmmmmm

    1. spazzy paddy

      spazzy paddy

      ive had shepards pie made with munty mince meat ummmm

    2. carp man 1
  9. Munty stew mmmmmm

  10. well thats me in the wife`s bad books lol took up two shelfs in the frezzer there`s some meat in there now ......

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    2. jeppi26


      You been picking up the road kill again?

    3. Sjt657


      Anything good ?

    4. x38


      2 things good....

  11. I am glad every ones happy with them I have bean out with one to day and I was impressed to say the least good nose on it and fast she's made 27tts abit like the blue dog in build and I think that thay have all got there fair share of pray drive lol and think you all know bye now what you have got in your pups ..... If not next season will open your eyes for sure .......and the do or die attitude well that's what fills the frezzer ........
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