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  1. Thanks all for the interest and offers; Poppy has now found a great home, with a top bloke. Thanks Sean ?
  2. Yes thanks Rob- she's doing great and not returned to sofa-sized butt that my ex had turned her into. Hope you're all good mate.
  3. That's right - shot gunning. She's a tiddly 12" tts.
  4. Don't worry Northern. Any potential home to be checked out.
  5. She's done a fair bit - a natural for rough shooting which has barely had to be trained into her. Drops back as soon as the safety is off and retrieves very well (should have been a gun dog!). She's done well on bunnies in cover too. Kills and drops at your feet. Only limited sighing time though.
  6. Evening all, Due to shift in circumstance I have to let my patter dale bitch 'Poppy' go to a good home. To be fair, she's not done a shed load of work but she's pretty keen on rabbits and has shown promise when she has been out digging. Relentless little bugger has not been speyed. She's chocolate/silver rough coat, a great character and well trained. Great with other dogs too. She's in Castle Ashby, northants. Pm me if you're interested or could offer her a decent home. Cheers Duncan
  7. That's more like it. What's the thread on it? Thanks Duncan.
  8. Evening all! I'm picking up a Sako .243 at the weekend for an excellent price - does anyone have a mod for sale that won't break the bank? Thanks, Duncan
  9. I just wanted to say a long overdue and a massive thank you to hunter1372. He took my lurcher in when my ex decided that she couldn't cope with her any longer and wanted shot of her. I was about to move house and unable to take her on in the short term, so my saviour stepped in and took her on for several weeks. Roxy went from having a sofa sized butt to being a lithe, healthy lurcher, well prepared for hunting forays again. So thank you hunter1372 - you were a godsend!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone can help this man out, don't hesitate. He's the salt of the earth. Duncan
  10. Yes thank you very much. Rob has truly come up with the goods for me
  11. Thank you so much to all respondants and for all the kind wishes. Especially big thanks to Rob (hunter1372) for taking on my dog for the interim period!!! A true lurcher man and the salt of the Earth IMO. Once again, hunting folk prove that we have an amazing community and true fellowship.
  12. Hi all, I've got a serious issue that I could do with some help with. A while back I split up with my ex and found somewhere else to live, the drawback being that it wasn't somewhere I could take a large dog. Fortunately (?!) the ex said she'd keep Roxy my bull X grey lurcher but lately has been saying she can no longer cope with her. I've got a moving date to somewhere where I can take the dog back (4th March), but the ex is now saying that's not soon enough and that she will rehome her if I don't find her an alternative place to live in the meantime. So if any dogman (or girl!) ou
  13. "I'll take a beer" I heard recently. Take it where?
  14. Do it...you're single now, you'll be forty...do something outlandish!! Go to a swingers club and smash a load of married fanny in LMAO!
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