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  1. andy renolds give me a bell on house phone cocker

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    2. tilfertilfer


      if i had is number i would ring him walshie mate but lost another mobile lol

    3. walshie


      it's 07 something it that helps. lol

    4. tilfertilfer
  2. tilfertilfer

    Selling What I Have Left

    you have done a mint job on my knife kev thanks mate be over soon
  3. tilfertilfer

    Honda 350 14 Years Old Ish

    if only you was closer lol
  4. tilfertilfer

    The Gaffers Leather

    send me your number again kev its same number as before but lost all contacts
  5. tilfertilfer

    Thl 2014 Wales : Register

    have a good time boys hope all goes aswell as first one
  6. tilfertilfer

    Thl Fishing Comp 2014

    you still on same mobile lad yer jim lad
  7. tilfertilfer

    Thl Fishing Comp 2014

    hey up jim lad lol
  8. tilfertilfer

    Thl Fishing Comp 2014

    that was Scott's mum's clootie she Put inn some penny's , an old tradition , and he forgot to say to Mel lol , I don't bother with it health and safty and all that lol lost another tooth jim lad lollol
  9. back on the thl lol

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    2. tilfertilfer


      ffs not much change then may as well signe back out lol


    3. jeppi26
    4. tilfertilfer


      nar rex think i will stay abit longer

  10. tilfertilfer

    Dumped Pups...

    vets confirmed after they died that the pups didnt have parvo it was gastroenteritis. lisa was told one minute they were fine then they were dead then they were alive it wasnt til rspca came yest we actually got the full truth about where the pups went after lisa took em to vets. no lies or back tracking just what we were led to believe
  11. tilfertilfer

    Dumped Pups...

    right i have just got in from work and been reading this like i said to the haters who have pm me the truth is lisa lied about the pups to the vets saying she found them but they were our pups she did wrong yes as for peddlers dog sellers what ever els you are calling me i have had nowt but stick which as most have said we brought on our selfs but lisa made it worse by lieing and yes we parted over the pups been ill ,i will take some of the blame for the pups ie not having enough money to pay for them all to be treated we f****d and have to live with it, but if it came to it would you lie or let them die if they were your only options? rspca,pdsa and local vets have been to the house investigated lisa and they found nothing of any concern to them at all they just wanted to understand why she lied and didnt just ask for help. the pups were treated and died peacefully not in pain that is what all of you seem to be missing, these puppies were going to die she knew that with how quick they were dropping. she couldnt watch them die slowly, took em all to one vets who threw her out cos she had a pup in her hands n said it looks like its got parvo, lisa asked them to come to the car explaining her pups were dying in pain in the car they refused to go see because thought it was parvo n didnt want it in there petshop/vets (pets at home) so lisa rang cundalls n told em shed found a box of pups n dint know what to do. yeah we know how it looks to yas all, but lisa loved them pups n is heartbroken enough without all this shit. n just so u know we have bred 7 litters over 7 years, rescued more smashed up lost causes than you can imagine lisa gets em [BANNED TEXT] n finds good homes, if thats peddling then shes a peddler, rspca see her as a rescuer that needed a bit of help this one time and dint know where to turn once thrown out of the vets. now i think ive justified myself and my wife enough now.
  12. tilfertilfer

    Goose Advice Pt 2

    ffs les lol send me your number again i lost yet another phone lol
  13. tilfertilfer

    Goose Advice Pt 2

    nice one les at some time in our lives we ALL HAVE TO DESPACH VERMIN wether it flys digs runs swims what ever mate dont need to explain to any one just as it is with all this anti shite some things are better off not wrote about les and as your my mate and j sothhams is my mate enough said BUT HES FAR FROM ANTI les atb mel
  14. tilfertilfer

    Goose Advice Pt 2

    ano mate
  15. tilfertilfer

    Holiday Help

    we did fuerteventura corralejo hotel allisios playa nice english food served every day and suday dinner ummm lol basic rooms but hot and loads to do mate we did 11 nights