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  1. Anyone in the know how of chippings. Must be hardwood. Northants. Pm please.
  2. Bangersanmash, Thanks I have this sorted now. ?
  3. Hello folks, Does anyone know a canary cage maker. I'm after two double breeders in traditional wood rather than UPVC. 18' fronts, 36 x 12 x 16. Many thanks.
  4. Mine is 21tts, very game indeed, steady and if I'm not careful he's a sucker for bowling things over much bigger than him!
  5. He's out of the brother from my Tri-coloured Saluki/Grey, worker to worker, Lucas and John Jeffords lines.
  6. Shy of 11months now, 28tts.
  7. Maybe you can give him back his false eye? I quite like Debbie Harry
  8. London Bridge is falling down...
  9. Did you slip the dogs? No Silver never. I enjoy their company
  10. Go on Artic tell the truth.................were ye ever tempted .............. It brought a little sweat to my brow No it's the norm seeing them Jigsaw, but it brings a smile to my face each time, and my heart beats a little faster!
  11. Yesterday's pics of a few just behind my house. I'll be setting up a camera soon to film the numbers I see on a daily basis. Some won't believe how many graze out at one time.
  12. Never a good time when you lose one. You did a lot with her, plenty of great memories that will never go away.
  13. Both retired now, they lamped and ferreted to an acceptable standard.
  14. You won't find one like that in Bedfordshire
  15. Finally got him after several weeks of causing damage. Over the years I've learnt a lot from my old friend. Look at his wife who also gets stuck in! It's always a pleasure to see him. Plenty of meat all round, and rest is now needed. Please move to suitable topic if needed.
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