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  1. Two bitch pups for sale,mother was 5th gen halfbred,father reverse 3/4.Serious pups out pf game bred dogs,fully innoculated 4 mths old.Belfast.Transport easily arranged.
  2. View Advert BULLGREY PUPS Two bitch pups for sale,mother was 5th gen halfbred,father reverse 3/4.Serious pups fully innoculated 4 mths old.Belfast.Transport easily arranged. Advertiser pattstaff Date 05/10/18 Price £150.00 Category Working Lurchers  
  3. After wearing Muckboots for last ten years or so Im at the point where I dont think Ill buy another pair.When I first got them I shouted from the roof tops about them but after a time Im never sure are my feet wet from the sweat or are the new ones leaking again already. Great for warmth but the continual wet feet leaves me with sore feet the next day. All this combined with cracking after a short time no matter how well you wash them down after every use. I have £10 wellies from Dunnes for 10 yrs that still havent cracked,I cant beleive Muckboots cant master a rubber that doesnt crack. Shit n
  4. For these reasons,when Im running full tilt,I like to have my working dogs,my yearlings and new born pups so as you always have something coming threw the ranks to replace dogs that quit,retire or get killed.
  5. Was reading about them myself but was wondering are they as warm and comfortable as Muckboots,what do you think?
  6. Was hoping a good soldier like yourself would buy them and let me know lol
  7. Its that time again for a new pair of wellies,have had muckboots for years but am thinking of trying something different,anybody tried these yet? Seen them on Ebay £55 plus p&p.
  8. Dan your saying that yous have dogs there that are real good on a "Yote" Am just wondering do you mean that there hot on a yote but not other things? Am curious if this is the case,what else you hunt with them?
  9. Heres a lakeland russell I seen for sale recently,thought it looked class
  10. Maybe this little pet was bred out of good digging dogs.
  11. Whats the difference in a cheveral?
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