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  1. A thought most working dog men women actually knew fat was the fuel for working dogs but hey ,worlds a funny old place any animal can run out a gas irrelevant of breeding stamina make up etc ,one needs to realise and see when ones animal his running low on fuel ,and of course in young saplings rest and rest equally has important.atb bunnys.
  2. Nice type a bitch but would like ta see a slight rise of the loin she put together like a show bred whipp, good or bad who knows only the handler atb bunnys.
  3. Has promised a few pics for the die hards atb bunnys.
  4. . Aye more often than not when they wired different they go on ta some ate special atb bunnys
  5. Ya can kill rabbis in numbers with very little wattage of lamp bulb in days when there was plenty poaching going on the old seventies dicosealed unit did fine come in all colours well before filters were thought off ,some of us used nothing but these. For bunnies, and birds a thinks we spoiled today for choice the dog becomes far more precise with little light without any disturbance .atb bunnys.
  6. Feed em bullie beef if it tinned stuff ta get by good alternative with some biscuit if no raw about used ta get the eec stuff brill with wholemeal biscuit dogs ran and ran on that gear atb bunnys.
  7. How many times I could say this I have heard it before ,most often with deerhound xes and sals pure and some with collie in the make up . Take the advice given by those with hands on experience this animal will come good given time and the right handling maybe no world beater but will come time his the key patience and perseverance in look at it like this she pure fill of wind and maybe stamina to knock lots a rabbis over ,by time yas rear another animal she be ready she seems she will have a bit of self preservation and she could make hell of a rabbit dog on ta lamp .atb bunnys.
  8. It's a fair point some just down reckless others have lots a self preservation ,and being out at a early age they seem in fact a knows they cover the land and woods like they been born in em ,style of running can have a bearing also them crazy off the mark type while look impressive can come a cropper in deep thick woodland ,a steadier relaxed type handles harsh land so much beta.watch a fallow cover thick dense cover at t speed they glide through it with out a blemish dogs can be the same depends on the animal and style and gait movement .atbbunnys.
  9. These types are normally bred for vermin ,and are usually ok for that any heavy quarry they get dragged about though , on a serious note pound for pound inch for inch they ok make great rat dogs .atb bunnys.
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