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  1. shueypaul1977

    County Durham clay shoot

    Good day plus auction at the end of shoot for shooting days. Fishing days and rabbiting days at working man prices. All donated by shoots and land owners.
  2. shueypaul1977

    Kelvin Valley

    Any pictures of the winners
  3. shueypaul1977

    Winchester Sxp

    any pictures? Is it a pump action?
  4. shueypaul1977

    Travis Dickinson On Boxing 8Th Of November

    i watched travis last fight on channel 5 [BANNED TEXT] a fight. Won't miss this one! Good luck travis!
  5. shueypaul1977

    Wolsingham Show Fxxking Sxxt

    What colour dogs was the bull x the lad had.
  6. shueypaul1977


    1pm judging starts
  7. shueypaul1977

    Bull Greyhound

    I have the sire blade it's breeding is Ian churches Maggie and pinkeys laddie from the north east I have the sister to this dog. The parents are proper working dog that have plenty of speed that can catch and kill on any ground.
  8. shueypaul1977


    17th august
  9. shueypaul1977

    20 Bore Carts For Sale Collection Only

    Wer abouts are u?
  10. shueypaul1977

    Simon From Bradford

    That's him mate
  11. shueypaul1977

    Simon From Bradford

    Nobody know this lad got 2nd in earth dog running dog bull cross.
  12. shueypaul1977

    Simon From Bradford

    After getting in touch with lad from Bradford called simon has 2 fawn bull x and races greyhounds he got 2nd on earth dog bull x last year. Anybody help. Pm me cheers
  13. shueypaul1977

    Let's See Some Bigger Hounds - 25Tts +

    Her u go lady hunter 28.5 black dog is 4 red dog is 12 month
  14. shueypaul1977

    O/u M/c

    Sure you just bought that lamber from a lad at consett for 200