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  1. you do wi my spanile she always dropin to ground an she's only 15 month old.
  2. This mite sound silly but thrush cream works a treat used it on two of my dogs an it's worked both times an it helps with hair loss.
  3. Iv had 3 deben 22amp lithium an they are shit end of wirings shit don't last as long as the wildhunter....had the wildhunter 3 seasons now an it's never let me down yet. An I'm out 3 or 4 nights a week threw season.
  4. Bit pricey pal that..... Some one selling the new one with two collers for same price.
  5. Lol of my phone mate don't no why there rotated.
  6. Fox was shot an retrieved. .
  7. Hey up pal long shot but do you still have this for sale?
  8. cheers pal she's bin very easy to train an enjoyable to watch workin she's got a very good nose on her.
  9. My little cocker bitch 8 months now and picking up training very well.
  10. My little cocker bitch 8 months now an comin on a treat
  11. My cocker pup 7 months just startin to click.
  12. that is a spit of my s/b/gshe's s/b/c/g just turned two. Atb
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