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  1. are you really that bored ??

  2. If its not for you Tote thats fair enough, but if there there is mixy on the land i would give the dog a few runns, Especially if i have a young dog like i have now as the vast majority are going to die anyway. Wouldnt normally go this time of year but with mixi going to wipe them out then yes.
  3. Read the post,mixi everywhere i would be doing the same, would you not.
  4. Hes turned in to a fine animal mate, nice name too
  5. first post didnt upload. my lad and his runner meg Couple of seasons ago.
  6. looks like hes bounced back! good little vids them nice one fella
  7. always use the red filter,quick flash and see where the game is at with out spooking slip the dog and it comes off. also good if your sneaking about so you dont look like blackpool iluminations.
  8. your Dogs did very well there lads, full moon all night and not a breath of wind either.
  9. Cheers for doing the lamping Jim, it was a very enjoyable night the carrying was hard work for us, shame no drop of but it is what it is. Bruce was over shooting on the turn again at the start and making things look hard work , it gets frustrating at times but i have to remind my self hes still a pup. The plus side his retrieve is geeting better. it will all click with him soon and hes just keen. Mars ran like a pro as usual not missing many at all, shes a great dog to watch at work , i never tire of it. Great night to end the year too ,especially with no limps apart from us next day,l
  10. looks like a great day out G,dogs look in very good order!
  11. its good to watch a Dog jump an easy Gate tho after a long retrive
  12. Deffo, last night we went over plenty some high and low gates plus some bad double fences Meg is a good jumper but some i lifted her over for her safety and makes more sense so you dont spook the field at some points.
  13. Nice picks Jim looking at the day picks you wouldnt think it was the same time of year. it was rough weather last night even my Seal flex leaked, Dogs did great considering the conditions.
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