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  1. No mate sat outside shops fuming I’d forgotten they were closed waiting for them to reopen ?
  2. Thank you for sharing my post Sandy. I think historically the Spanish have had issues but there was also a time we pushed women into the sea to find out if they were witches. Cultures advance. I have been out there three times and I’m them times met countless galgueros, podenqueros and rehaleros and seen nothing that I haven’t seen elsewhere in the world. As a matter of fact the worst things I have seen in dog work, were not in Spain. In them three trips I have met well over 100 rehaleros, all loved and were proud of the dogs they had and able to discuss the lineage etc. there’s eviden
  3. Sa Fieldsports Photography mate all the videos from this trip are in the story highlights ??
  4. For anyone interested I have been back to Spain again! There’s videos of it all on my Instagram and more pictures on both Instagram and Facebook. I think I had seven days in total with the dogs after boar, red deer, mouflon and Barbary sheep. I even had an evening thrush shooting in the olive groves.
  5. Well, all my hunting for this trip is finished. Not as successful as last time but just as enjoyable. My last two days have been with rehala on monteria but these monteria were not fenced and so it was much more real hunting. We didn’t manage to get on any quarry and the approx 30 guns didn’t even shoot anything. Day one we hunted boar and red deer, day two we hunted ibex and aoudad, despite lots of tracks and fresh pop we couldn’t find them.
  6. Interesting face on it for a straight galgo, looks like saluki blood?
  7. Anyway, on a lighter note. yesterday I hunted hares with falcon and saluki. I flushed our only hare on the day and it unfortunately got away but was great to see and I’ll be joining him again next season at a better area. One saluki was a direct gift from the Bedouin and the other was a dog bred in Saudi crossed with a Spanish show saluki. The Bedouin dog was a much nicer type and there was definitely a difference between them.
  8. Stories, if it was going on and the people writing these stories were actually discovering/finding/seeing this, would they not take a photo to prove it? The only images I have seen are grainy and from the 90’s at best. 30 years ago now, our own hunting landscape was vastly different 30 years ago. Communities grow and the hunting community is no different.
  9. More and more are adopting gps systems now but these aren’t cheap. As they become more prominent I bet we hear of les and less “abandoned” dogs
  10. One thing I have noticed from Spanish dogs if that the vast majority will not go to anyone but their owner, galgos, podencos and Podenco crosses. I think these charities often misconstrue this as fear but doesn’t appear to be. I have a vid on my phone of a Podenco pup absolutely beside itself wanting to play but refusing to come near me, very clearly happy and excited in the vid. so when the rehala dogs get lost and these charities find them they assume the dogs are scared and abandoned but in reality their owners are posting on the fb groups
  11. There are also lots of stories of rescues stealing galgos from hunters no?
  12. I would also add, these dogs have to perform just as much as That’s interesting I’ll look into it, I have been hunting the the president of rehala association and his Alano’s. He is also a solicitor so I would have thought if that was the case he would be all over it etc. see what I can find out
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