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  1. Parabuteos lad

    Utah, May 19

    Thanks mate, hoping to be back over around February but hoping to go over to Texas in November time for some coyotes with staghounds
  2. Parabuteos lad

    View From Your Swim

    Tonight’s view...
  3. Parabuteos lad

    Utah, May 19

    So I was invited over there, very fortunate. Only cost my flight ticket and my spending spree in bass pro. Flew into Cali where I met a friend from France, from there we road tripped to Vegas and spent the night in the Paris casino. Following day had a look around bass pro etc. Before driving through Arizona and ending at camp in Utah. Seen plenty of mule deer on the road and even a dead skunk which I was convinced was someone in the car with weed. Had no idea that’s why skunk is called skunk. Anyway got to camp at midnight and stayed up for a couple of hours before getting a bit of sleep and waking up at 5am to get the dogs rigged up etc. This was their first day at this new camp, more of a bear area as we arrived right at the end of lion season. The snow had been thawing out and bear where starting to leave their dens etc. We had a surprise frost and I guess much hadn’t been moving because of it. We drove a fair bit looking for tracks with the dogs rigged up on roof for any scents but had no luck. At about mid day we decided to check a canyon on foot that has produced consistently in the past but again, no luck. Back to camp where we had a few drinks, bbq etc. And I took a load of pics and stuff. following morning we started earlier was still dark and conditions where better. Literally as soon as we left camp the dogs started getting scent but it wasn’t fresh scent so we never stopped. We where in two cars and I was in the rear one, we stopped to inspect a lion track that car 1 missed and it seemed fresh so we raced to catch up to them and as we reached the brow of a hill we could see the first car slam on, everyone jump out and the hounds go off in full voice, morale was obviously high thinking were in luck here. We split up and surrounded the plot but as time went on the hounds started splitting up etc. Clearly lost the scent so we caught them up and carried on. It’s was now near mid day and the scent was all old now but we persevered. Found coyote, bobcat, mountain lion kitten and old bear tracks but nothing of a decent size and fresh. again we tried a productive canyon on foot but the temp was now high and we all just had that feeling it wasn’t going to happen. We stopped next to a river at the bottom of canyon for a rest and once we got up and walked around the corner we found a really really fresh bear track and dogs took off again but again for whatever reason couldn’t pin the scent and we had to accept defeat. Headed back to camp and started our road trip back to Cali. Was unfortunate but that’s hunting, it lead to invites hunting raccoons, coyotes and deer with hounds, an invite back to complete the mountain lion tag which is valid until November 2020. All sorts really so for me, it was definitely worth it and I had an unbelievable time. utah is without doubt the most beautiful place I’ve hunted, dusty mountains, snowy mountains, grass plains as far as you can see with pronghorn lying down not scared of you because of how fast they are and how fat I am entire place looked like a John Wayne film. It’s not the sort of place you could recommend someone to visit unless they’re hunting/camping/walking because there’s literally nothing else there. Elk tracks are literally everywhere it’s unbelievable I didn’t see one in all honesty, we must of done 50 miles a day checking dirt tracks for scent and I’d confidently say there was elk tracks the entire distance. not sure what else there is to talk about but if anyone has any questions fire away
  4. Parabuteos lad

    Utah, May 19

    Thought I’d share a few images with you guys from a recent trip over to Utah hunting mountain lions, we never got lucky unfortunately but I was still over there chasing dreams regardless of the result so who cares. Plus it led to plenty more opportunities and we should hopefully be headed back over in the new year and with a bit more luck may actually get one. If there’s interest more than happy to discuss the trip and how it panned out but don’t fancy writing it all now at 03:47am without any prompting
  5. Parabuteos lad

    View From Your Swim

  6. Parabuteos lad

    View From Your Swim

    Waiting for midnight on June 15th. Was great to be back on river after an eventful spring which included photographing mountain lion hunting with hounds in America. Back on Trent this coming Wednesday after catching a 10lb’er off the Severn Tuesday gone, my first double off the Severn after 7 years on the same water. Very good start to this season.
  7. Parabuteos lad

    Couple recent images

    Hi guys just a couple images from the other day. Always photographed lurchers so posted in local gundog group asking if anyone wanted some shots taken for free for my portfolio. Gentleman got in touch and we went out, had about an hour with him and got quite a few images. Got 2 cracking images of labs retrieving but they are not in this selection. Ps, not sure if it’s visible in these images but it was frozen game.
  8. Parabuteos lad

    2 handed fly rod

    Hi guys just a quick question I’m hoping someone might have knowledge of. June last year my mate broke both wrists in a car accident and basically accepted he’d never fly fish again without even trying. We was talking about it other day and the subject came up of 2 handed fly rods. Are these any easier on the wrists? We normally just fish small commercials but not worried about looking like a numpty as long as he can get out and do it again. (I’ve set a personal goal to catch a double figure trout on a #4 weight once hunting season comes to an end and will feel bad leaving him at home )
  9. Parabuteos lad

    Few recent shots

    Cheers lads appreciate it
  10. Parabuteos lad

    Few recent shots

    Just a few recent shots, bought the eos r recently and I love it.
  11. Parabuteos lad

    Ratting pics

    Couple of pics from ratting Sunday gone good to be back out. A small selection of the 60 images I kept
  12. Parabuteos lad

    Tench-Linear Fisheries

    I feel like I’ve seen either matt Hayes or Martin bowler targeting them there but not certain have you checked YouTube?
  13. Parabuteos lad

    EOS R, full frame mirrorless

    Lightroom mate. There’s is still a click, it’s not as loud but still satisfying to hear.
  14. Parabuteos lad

    EOS R, full frame mirrorless

    I know what your saying and it would of been nice but the adapter comes free and works seemlessly so I have no issues.
  15. Parabuteos lad

    Health and Fitness

    Also worth noting when I wake up I feel awake no tiredness and lost all cravings for shit food like McDonald’s and stuff. I work from a car so it’s so easy to just stop and get a warm McDonald’s than make a cold shitty packed lunch. Not anymore doesn’t even enter my head.