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  1. Parabuteos lad

    Couple recent images

    Hi guys just a couple images from the other day. Always photographed lurchers so posted in local gundog group asking if anyone wanted some shots taken for free for my portfolio. Gentleman got in touch and we went out, had about an hour with him and got quite a few images. Got 2 cracking images of labs retrieving but they are not in this selection. Ps, not sure if it’s visible in these images but it was frozen game.
  2. Parabuteos lad

    2 handed fly rod

    Hi guys just a quick question I’m hoping someone might have knowledge of. June last year my mate broke both wrists in a car accident and basically accepted he’d never fly fish again without even trying. We was talking about it other day and the subject came up of 2 handed fly rods. Are these any easier on the wrists? We normally just fish small commercials but not worried about looking like a numpty as long as he can get out and do it again. (I’ve set a personal goal to catch a double figure trout on a #4 weight once hunting season comes to an end and will feel bad leaving him at home )
  3. Parabuteos lad

    Few recent shots

    Cheers lads appreciate it
  4. Parabuteos lad

    Few recent shots

    Just a few recent shots, bought the eos r recently and I love it.
  5. Parabuteos lad

    Ratting pics

    Couple of pics from ratting Sunday gone good to be back out. A small selection of the 60 images I kept
  6. Parabuteos lad

    Tench-Linear Fisheries

    I feel like I’ve seen either matt Hayes or Martin bowler targeting them there but not certain have you checked YouTube?
  7. Parabuteos lad

    EOS R, full frame mirrorless

    Lightroom mate. There’s is still a click, it’s not as loud but still satisfying to hear.
  8. Parabuteos lad

    EOS R, full frame mirrorless

    I know what your saying and it would of been nice but the adapter comes free and works seemlessly so I have no issues.
  9. Parabuteos lad

    Health and Fitness

    Also worth noting when I wake up I feel awake no tiredness and lost all cravings for shit food like McDonald’s and stuff. I work from a car so it’s so easy to just stop and get a warm McDonald’s than make a cold shitty packed lunch. Not anymore doesn’t even enter my head.
  10. Parabuteos lad

    Health and Fitness

    Doesn’t sound like you do, seem to be doing pretty well to me. I started Keto last Tuesday ish after hearing Tyson fury talk about it on joe rogan podcast. Didn’t weigh myself at the start but have been 15 and half stone ish for a long time not really fluctuating. This morning I was 15 on the dot. been eating different stuff every day but a lot of cauli either in its usual form or as rice. Had steak, chicken, cod most of the time but had burgers one night, didn’t seem right without a bun today I plan on just having strawberry’s blended into Greek yoghurt at 12ish and then some cauliflower soup later on with 100g of peanuts at some point to snack on.
  11. Parabuteos lad

    EOS R, full frame mirrorless

    (These three where saved small from Lightroom as full quality each image was too big to upload individually)
  12. Less than a week ago made the leap and bought canons new EOS R, very happy with it. AF is unbelievably quick focusing on seagulls (not had chance to get it out ratting yet). Really happy I made the leap but definately in need of some new glass soon. More than likely canons 50 or 85mm 1.2 and canons 70/200 f2.8 with a 2x convertor. Here’s a couple from my first week with it using canon 50mm 1.8 & sigma 150/600 f4/5.6.
  13. I upload all mine to Instagram also, @scotta595
  14. Parabuteos lad

    Sparrowhawk at my hide

    Is it a songbird feeding station and he’s visited to hunt or is it a specific raptor feeding station? If so very interested in hearing how you went about it. I’ve always been interested in building a raised natural looking drinking hole to photograph birds visiting to drink