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  1. JAE B

    Young mia

    Lovely pup mate best of luck with her
  2. JAE B


    Dogs looking superb excellent condition
  3. JAE B

    Pleasant morning

    Cracking pics dogs look well
  4. These the pups out the sire n dam above ?
  5. JAE B

    We bit snow on the hills

    Cracking pics
  6. JAE B

    father and daughter

    Crackers them
  7. JAE B

    Pups out of troy

    Beautiful pups atb with them
  8. JAE B

    One Of Richies Pups

    Lovely pup atb with him / her
  9. JAE B

    Coursing lads caught

    Fa fut sate
  10. JAE B

    Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    you never ken DAVE use might get along fine
  11. JAE B

    Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    Get those dogs down to whinstones for a run DAVE
  12. JAE B

    Snow is here

  13. JAE B

    Snow is here